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@6KLVM77Constitutionfrom Montana  answered…2yrs

That's a double edged sword, if you make the term too short they'll have to be even more corrupt to scam what ever they can from American tax payers. If you leave them in too long they can take their time screwing everyone. I just think they should be bi-annually audited by independent parties and the auditing company has to change each time. If the books and emails are missing or out of order the Congress member will have to pay for the extra time it takes to find those items. If too much is missing they would have to step down and be held under house arrest until the matter is resolved.

 @vote4tyleralSocialist from Alabama answered…2wks

Yes, and there should be term limits for every political office, including city council and Mayor.

@B3HZVQBDemocrat from California answered…2mos

Yes, and increase term lengths for Representatives in the House

@B389DDVVeteran from Indiana answered…3mos

@B2KHCLKPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…4mos

No term limits, but there should be a mandatory retirement age.

@B2K8CSGConstitution from Illinois answered…4mos

There should be mandatory retirement at age 60 for all federal workers, inclusive of Congress, the President, and the Judiciary.

@ballard.122802Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2mos

@B2W5R7BDemocrat from Florida answered…3mos

Members of Congress should be subject to an automatic triggered term limit upon failure to pass a federal budget each congressional session. This “fail-safe” measure would incentivize members to exercise compromise and bipartisanship when entrusted with taxpayer funding of the federal government. Annual, codified, and mandatory spending obligations should never be used as political leverage for unrelated partisan projects.

@B2VVW8RConstitution from Texas answered…3mos

@B2NX8DWLibertarian from Michigan answered…4mos

No but decrease their salary and retirement and closely monitor their investments and donations which should be subject to FOA.

@B2GY2JXConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

No, we should still decrease their salary and retirement benefits.

@B2GHLLDDemocrat from Indiana answered…4mos

Yes, but the limits of the House and Senate should be separate.

@9Y46LKLVeteran from South Carolina answered…8mos

@9XY3C56Libertarian from Virginia answered…8mos

Formal limits set by law - no. The election system shold be made more competitive so that individuals who do not fulfill their responsibilities can be easily challenged and voted out of office.

@9XVJGZQLibertarian from Nebraska answered…8mos

We have term limits that are called "elections" and they should be paid significantly less, like just enough to do their job plus $20k

@9ZM8QRXConstitution from Florida answered…5mos

Limit government and term limits will take care of themselves

@9YNC549Peace and Freedom from Hawaii answered…7mos

No, but change the House of Representatives from 500,000 each to 250,000.

@9YHMWQSTranshumanist from Virginia answered…8mos

yes, make 2 year terms and a maximum of 3 terms can be served.

@9Y9HB2TRepublican from New Jersey answered…8mos

No,but I support drastically reducing salaries and benefits of politicians

@9XH3NK2Green from Illinois answered…9mos

No, but I am in favor of barring anyone over the age of 80 from serving in congressional positions

@9KDRMP7Democrat from Virginia answered…2yrs

Yes term limits on both house & Senator and they gain valuable experience w/ longer service

@9JGWQW2Peace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

No, and people should become aware of corrupt politicians in their areas and combat their campaigns.

@9JBNWC8Veteran from Missouri answered…2yrs

Make senate and House have no more than two four year terms like we have with the presidential election

@9JBL47NAmerican Solidarity from Utah answered…2yrs

Yes, and decrease their salary and retirement benefits.term limits will increase performance and prevent corruption

@9HXT7ZDGreen from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

no, officials gain valuable experience and become more effective representatives over time, but there should be a decrease in salary and retirement benefits

@9HRXM44Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

No, but decrease salary and benefits or require them to work more days.

@9HPFFT8Republican from Missouri answered…2yrs

Absolutely, positively, beyond any shadow of a doubt....YES!

@9HCP66LIndependent from California answered…2yrs

No but benefits should be lessened. Medical should be no better than that provided in medi-care and pensions should have caps and limited to one rather than for each office they have held.

@9HC8BWXIndependent from Missouri answered…2yrs

Yes, I believe there should be terms that each individual can serve, but allow the seniors mentor to help with any issues and allow them to become better representatives.

@9HC5N9KWorking Family from Kentucky answered…2yrs

Yes, once they have done their 8 years as president, vice president, senator, governor, etc they should NOT be allowed to run anymore.

@9H9R34FPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…2yrs

Yes, decrease their salary and benefits, outlaw all money and incentives in lobbying, make elections publicly (and transparantly) funded and implement a yearly public audit (with criminal charges applied proportionally for any criminal misconduct they reveal) help ensure accountability.

@pest3366Independentfrom Kentucky  answered…2yrs

Yes, term limit to a set # after which a candidate must set out a # of elections and then may run again.

@9H7S6NYGreen from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, but increase the seats that are up for re-election to one-half instead of one-third

@9H52CJ4Republican from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, reduce salary and remove retirement benefits altogether. Public office should not receive publicly funded retirement programs.

@9H4BSR7Green from Florida answered…2yrs

Yes, but more than two (as there surely is experience gained in serving many years) and possibly expand the terms so there isn’t a constant election cycle

@9GXCB7YConstitution from Kansas answered…2yrs

Congress should be abolished and the power of it passed to the president.

@9GVDLRDDemocrat from Utah answered…2yrs

they should be limited to 2 terms in a row but not to any lifetime limits

@9GNVNG3Veteran from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9GMTSH5Libertarian from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes. Cut their salary and benefits as well and no grandfather clause so everyone currently serving must leave off at the end of their limit.


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