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No, and we should not allow any new immigrants into the country at this time

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

No, and revoke the status for those currently holding dual citizenship

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but they should not be able to claim citizenship status of more than two nations

@9622MBCIndependent from Wisconsin answered…3 days

Yes, unless they have committed a violent felony, election/voting crime, espionage or treason against the United States, or an act of terrorism.

@95Y5X7FRepublican from Indiana answered…4 days

Only if necessary and the person hasn't committed an act of terrorism

@95YFQSVLibertarian from Washington D.C. answered…5 days

Yes, but only if they are from a long-standing, trusted ally nation (UK, France, South Korea, etc)

@95XKZWG from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@95XJPGN from West Virginia answered…6 days

@95XBZTZPopulist from Michigan answered…6 days

Yes, as long as it isn't from a rival to the US like China or Russia and their allies.

@95WY3J5 from North Dakota answered…6 days

Yes, as long as they are abiding by both state laws and don't have any criminal record.

@95SNKQ6from Pennsylvania  answered…1wk

Only between us. Canada and mexico provided they have a clean criminal record.

@95SMH7Ffrom California  answered…1wk

@95SLGBK from Missouri answered…1wk

Yes. If they're eligible to obtain citizenship, they should get all the perks of a citizen.

@95SJ5V3 from Connecticut answered…1wk

@95RMJGZ from Arizona answered…1wk

@95RBZ9ZSocialist from Vermont answered…1wk

Yes, but they are not allowed to hold any office and any properties or assets taxed at the US rate even if held in foreign locations.

@95R9F32 from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, but should not be able to hold elected/public municipal, government, or federal office due to a conflict of interests.

@95QHS6W from California answered…1wk

Yes, unless they have committed a crime (anything above a misdemeanor.

@95MQYS7 from Missouri answered…2wks

@95MHCLFIndependent from Kentucky answered…2wks

@95L3J33 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

Yes, but if they want to run for public office, then they must swear loyalty to America.

@95L2YHH from Illinois answered…2wks

@95KRVKW from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@95J9WFG from Colorado answered…2wks

@95GNWF4 from Idaho answered…3wks

Yes but if they want to vote they need to give up citizenship of the other country.

@95FPVCW from North Carolina answered…3wks

@95FFNWN from Florida answered…3wks

Yes, but only until the age of voting and military service is reached

@95F9T5GLibertarian from Virginia answered…3wks

Yes, but only if the country is a long standing and trusted ally of the US

@95CH6QQRepublican from Oklahoma answered…3wks

Yes, anyone can if they want to be a citizen of the United States or another country

@95B9JYQSocialist from California answered…3wks

Yes, immigrants from specific countries like Canada and Mexico should have automatic dual citizenship at birth

@959TPZ4 from Washington answered…3wks

@959MKH7 from Virginia answered…3wks

yes, but should not be able to have status more than two nations or committed terrorism

@957VR4D from New Jersey answered…3wks

@957C6D5Independent from California answered…3wks

Depends if they are from a country that’s not on good terms with the US. (Like Russia)

@954QSQZ from Connecticut answered…4wks

@954G6X2from Maine  answered…4wks

Regardless, whether such permission is granted, should depend on a case by case basis, taking into account the record of the individual citizen and the country in which they wish to have citizenship.

@952P3BS from Kentucky answered…4wks

@952N76Q from Florida answered…4wks

Yes, unless they have committed a crime or they committed an act of terrorism.

@94WJHV2Republican from Indiana answered…4wks


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