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@B4K6MMWSocialist from Virginia answered…4 days

@9M9TPL5American Solidarity from Missouri answered…2yrs

It is the responsibility of the federal government to detain and transfer illegals not local law enforcement.

@9M855L4Republican from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Yes, but they should have the option to apply for citizenship.

@9M82WVHConstitution from Arkansas answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if they are charged for something and they need to be deported

@9M7ZNTKSocialist from Texas answered…2yrs

@9M7Y8DWTranshumanist from Missouri answered…2yrs

no but if an illegal immigrant is found they should be turned to federal immigration authorities with leaniancy

@9M7PZTKDemocrat from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Local law enforcement should be allowed to detain undocumented immigrants only in cases in which they would do so to citizens of our country. In our country, the immigrants have the rights of our country.

@9M7PK63Democrat from Illinois answered…2yrs

I think that the police should try to get them legalized and allow them to become legalized since they've already been here.

@9M7JKV3Veteran from Louisiana answered…2yrs

They should have a chance to become a citizen and if they commit a crime they should be deported.

@9M6S6BYConstitution from New Jersey answered…2yrs

I personally believe that if you come over to our country illegally and not like how almost every american citizens family came here, you should be deported and come over the legal way.

@9M6M5V4Transhumanist from Florida answered…2yrs

@9M6B6MJAmerican Solidarity from South Carolina answered…2yrs

"Minor crime" is too vague. If they accidentally run a red light at the last second and it was caught on camera, no. If it was a certain high class misdemeanor or any felony, then yes.

@9M68RQQDemocrat from Indiana answered…2yrs

If non-violent give them a warning and a fine. The next time they will be deported. If violent deport them.

@9M66JZ7Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…2yrs

No, those who are non-violent immigrants should have the opportunity to become U.S. Citizens by either joining the military or being involved/volunteering in a project/program for 10+years that betters America. And they should not be paid for their volunteer services.

@9M645B7Justice party member from Illinois answered…2yrs

maybe yes because the immigrants that are commiting crimes isnt good but immigrants that are caught working isn't fair because they are not doing nothing bad they are respecting the laws

@9M5GHFSTranshumanist from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

The term "minor crimes" would be unfair because even US citizens break minor laws. But major crimes such as violence felonies should result in a being turned over to federal immigration authorities. Minor crimes should be taken into consideration after a certain accumulated amount

@9M4ZRPYDemocrat from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Yes, but the local police should just notify federal authorities.

@9M4XYHHConstitution from Illinois answered…2yrs

Illegal Immigrants came here illegally and are given opprotunities that normal american citizans dont have. If you are found instead of being kicked out you are given the opportunity to be an American Citizen the proper way. If you resist this than the person can be reported back to their country if they refuse to follow the laws. If they cant follow the laws to become a member of society, than how should we believe they will follow any other law.

@9M4WCNTTranshumanist from Florida answered…2yrs

not neccesarily, they should be given a court case to have a fair trial.

@9M4QPVTIndependent from South Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, but federal immigration authorities should have to help them gain citizenship

@9LZ4PBJVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes if multiple offender and also depending on severity of crime.

@9LTYWZFRepublican from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

Yes, because they are here illegally therefore have all ready committed a major crine.

@9LTS3VDWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

If they want to be here, they should become a citizen. Then they wouldnt be illegal. Give them a chance to become a citizen before deporting them.

@9LQCG9RTranshumanist from Illinois answered…2yrs

If they did not harm anyone or property... They should not be deported right away. After first offense, they should be required to go to class to learn the laws and provide them with solution to problems, like conflict resolution or what to do when they find themselves with no money or no food. Educate and empower them.

If they do it again for the same crime, deport. If they are charged with a different non violent crime, or non breaking and entering or take crime, have them take the class one more time, and tell them that any law they break after this (except for minor traffic violation

@9LKBF8TConstitution from California answered…2yrs

Immigration reform as a whole is needed, however all illegal immigrants are illegally here. Whether we care about them or not they are still here illegally and should be sent back to go through the proper channels

@9LDZF4CVeteran from Virginia answered…2yrs

@9L3ZW5PVeteran from New York answered…2yrs

@9KZMLN5Democrat from Arizona answered…2yrs

I feel like they should have someone just come talk to them. Ask them why they did it and figure out what happened. Most of the immigrants come to start a new, safer life and get a great education for their families. They do not always come to take jobs but to try and start a better life for their kids.

 Deleted answered…2yrs

@9KQJDNPDemocrat from Mississippi answered…2yrs

have them serve their time in jail and there get out of jail ticket once they serve their time in jail is if they want they can become US citizen they can take the citizen test or go back to their homeland.

@9KJS3KYConstitution from California answered…2yrs

why are illegal immigrants even in our country? they should not even be in our country unless they are a US citizen.

@9K9L4SHVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

All illegal immigrants currently residing in the US should be granted citizenship, then all illegal immigrants moving forward should be deported, unless they opt to take the steps necessary to become US citizens.

@9K74RBGDemocrat from Florida answered…2yrs

They should face the normal consequences for the minor crime and be forced to start the citizen process or be deported.

@9JYT8P7Socialist from Nebraska answered…2yrs

No, illegal immigration should not be a thing, all immigration should be legal.

@9JTFVG3Working Family from Minnesota answered…2yrs

No, only if they are convicted of drug charges, or violent crimes, or after a maximum amount of illegal activities

@9JSRW76Green from California answered…2yrs

@9JQJZL4Democrat from Virginia answered…2yrs

No, however any who commit a violent crime should be turned over to federal authorities.

@9JPRKKNWorking Family from Ohio answered…2yrs

@9JG9N4DLibertarian from Connecticut answered…2yrs

@9JD2JF6American Solidarity from Florida answered…2yrs

No, local law enforcement should not be allowed to detain, but should issue a warning to apply for legal status in X number of days monitored by immigration authorities.

@9HYSJ3ZAmerican Solidarity from Utah answered…2yrs

Not unless the immigration process is fixed, and then all people already in the country should be grandfathered in.


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