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Yes, all illegal immigrants should be turned over to federal authorities and deported

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@9638WSR from Texas answered…14hrs

@962BYHQ from Utah answered…2 days

Yes, not because of the minor crime but because they came to USA knowing they were breaking the law.

@96236CTDemocrat from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, but only to perform extensive background check. If no issues, but stilll needs to be on permanent resident or citizen track.

@95YWJVY from Alabama answered…3 days

@95YHMDK from Tennessee answered…3 days

Yes, but they should be put through a federal citizenship program once turned over.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…4 days

This should be left to the perogative of the local law enforcement organization.

@95XJLLSLibertarian from Ohio answered…4 days

No, only if they are convicted of a serious crime, such as one involving drugs or violence.

@95XDNRT from Nebraska answered…4 days

It shouldn’t matter whether they are immigrants or not, the law should be the same for everyone regardless.

@95X9384 from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

@95WQXSZfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…5 days

@95P2JQ2 from Virginia answered…1wk

I believe that those convicted of violent crimes no matter the citizenship should be arrested. However, people going through the naturalization process should be set back or given some sort of punishment equal to whatever crime they've committed.

@95LW6MM from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

No, because there should not be any such thing as an illegal immigrant.

@95J7Y9WIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

There should be a state court ruling to determin if they should be transfered.

@95GRCJX from New Jersey answered…2wks

Yes, but the treatment for committing the minor crime should not be any different from that any American would receive.

@95GP8WF from Oregon answered…2wks

@95FQH77 from Georgia answered…2wks

I understand that they are illegal immigrants but federal facility is worse then jail

@95DKPDVIndependent from Indiana answered…3wks

Congress needs to update the immigration system so that we don't have as much of an illegal immigrants problem

@95CJDF6from Guam  answered…3wks

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@959DHQC from Massachusetts answered…3wks

@958VTQ6 from Wisconsin answered…3wks

Yes, as well as for serious crimes, but they either need a path to citizenship afterwards or be deported.

@955SJ65 from California answered…3wks

Yes, but only after other legislation is put in place to allow illegal immigrants to become citizens without losing their jobs/money

@95587FQ from Texas answered…3wks

@954W25Q from Iowa answered…4wks

@952P3BS from Kentucky answered…4wks

@94X2G6MRepublican from New York answered…4wks

Yes, if an illegal immigrant commits any crime, they should be deported

@94WQ87KIndependent from Texas answered…4wks

Yes, if they are proven to be criminals. No, if they are here to work and make a life for themselves, In that case allow them to go through the citizenship process.

@94WQ5S3 from New Mexico answered…4wks

@94SX63Y from Arizona answered…1mo

@94SWPZQ from Georgia answered…1mo

Illegal Immigrants should be accountable for their crimes when convicted, however, deporting them should depend on the severity of their crimes.

@94S8929 from Washington answered…1mo

I think illegal immigrants should be turned over to federal authorities if they have committed a crime but I do not think they should be automatically deported, I think a chance should be granted for them to gain citizenship if they please.

@94RWZMD from Texas answered…1mo

They should be allowed to file for citizenship and if they don’t they will be turned over

@94RR78K from North Carolina answered…1mo

@94RQVXH from South Carolina answered…1mo

@94RQNQR from Virginia answered…1mo

@94Q6WHT from Virginia answered…1mo

No, they should be able to given an opportunity to gain citizenship legally.

@94L4N2B from Ohio answered…1mo

No, if they pay taxes and are contributing to society they should be held the same as citizens


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