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No, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@95X9NZMfrom Texas  answered…3hrs

@95WZ7M5 from Georgia answered…6hrs

Yes, but criminals in for sex related crimes should stay locked up

@95WQV9R from Washington answered…16hrs

It depends on the crime, but I don't think they should just be released. That's crazy. If there is overcrowding, teach them how to build more space and place them under house arrest.

@95WLNSM from Wisconsin answered…21hrs

Yes but they should build rehabilitation centers for them instead

@95W89Z4 from California answered…1 day

Yes, and their record should be expunged and they should receive reparations for being victimized over a difference in culture or expression.

@95VMT5Z from Florida answered…2 days

Non-violent, likely not to reoffend, Community service, probation for the rest of their time

@95VL9NJ from Indiana answered…2 days

Yes, but moved to inpatient drug rehabilitation programs or mental treatment centers, accordingly

@95VJ3SZfrom Vermont  answered…2 days

Non violent criminals are often not criminals to begin with, yes, free them.

@95VGJQ2 from California answered…2 days

Yes, but they should be under the surveillance of a parol officer or possibly be placed in shared housing or rehabilitation.

@95VCV4W from Washington answered…2 days

@95V79LXWorkers from Kansas answered…2 days

Yes, we should abolish the current prison system and replace it with better rehabilitation programs

@95V5K73 from Arkansas answered…2 days

yes, and replace prisons with rehabilitation programs for criminals

@95V2VH3Independent from Massachusetts answered…2 days

@95V469C from California answered…2 days

Yes, but they must perform community service on a daily basis but depending on the type of crime then No, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners

@95TT7ZFfrom Florida  answered…2 days

Yes, and increase funding to offer education and skill building outside of prison, make it mandatory to be released from prison.

@95TG2ZR from Alaska answered…3 days

@95T9YP5from California  answered…3 days

Create a rehabilitation program to help non violent offenders reintegrate into society

@95T982XProgressive from Wisconsin answered…3 days

@95T3PJQ from Kansas answered…3 days

Yes, however they must go through rehabilitation to become productive members of society again

@95SWQV6from Tennessee  answered…3 days

Yes, and the should be mandated to undergo some kind of rehabilitation program

@95SWHVGfrom Virginia  answered…3 days

No, but we should reduce minimum sentences and encourage alternatives to jail time

@95SJ85X from North Carolina answered…3 days

Yes, and dramatically shift from prison sentences to community service in our justice system

@95SLGBK from Missouri answered…3 days

Yes, but they must be required to pay their debt in another manner.

@95SL7BQ from Missouri answered…3 days

Depending on their crime and conviction, they should be offered parole

@95SB2WMProgressive from Maryland answered…3 days

@95S69GW from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

@95RZ3S9from Washington  answered…3 days

@95RSXNF from Virginia answered…4 days

@95RSRKXProgressive from Hawaii answered…4 days

Only in the cases of minor or misdemeanor crime. Large scale (greater than $100,000) financial crimes should not be subject to the same policy and petty theft or public intoxication.

@95RRCRL from New York answered…4 days

Depends on a case by case of what the crime is, regardless of what happens though, providing education and skill building would be good regardless

@95RQKPC from Texas answered…4 days

yes, but provided help to get them to become productive members of society.

@95RNQMY from New Jersey answered…4 days

Yes, but the criminal justice systems is corrupt and arresting too many people.

@95RMZBC from Arkansas answered…4 days

No, I think we should work on reducing overcrowding by other means

@95RLF94 from Washington answered…4 days

@oBrushstrokeProgressive from Idaho answered…4 days

@95RJCXF from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

The prison population is too high, but it is disingenuous to free prisoners simply because of overcrowding. Nonviolent offenders should be released but not as a mechanical response to overcrowding. Sentencing reform should should be implemented to stop overcrowding at the source.

@95RFYB4Socialist from California answered…4 days

Yes, but only in cases of non-violent crimes that did not target another person. Nonviolent thieves should still serve a sentence, nonviolent drug offenses should be given rehabilitation.

@95RFSY6from Maine  answered…4 days

@95RD5RY from Florida answered…4 days

Yes, but only if their crimes are minor offenses with serving community service or house arrest.

@95RBZ9ZSocialist from Vermont answered…4 days

Yes, but provide them with good paying job opportunities, preferably government jobs.


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