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@9LLSB3NFree Democratic Partyfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9Y2C5GPConstitutional Democraticfrom Washington  answered…3mos

No, unless there is evidence of human right violations or breaches of their own constitution.

@9XLWZH5Alliance ’90/The Greensfrom Indiana  answered…3mos

@9X4ZLV2Alliance ’90/The Greensfrom Indiana  answered…4mos

Depends on what you mean. Autocratic doesn't necessarily mean tyrrany.

@9X3MX2ZAlliance ’90/The Greensfrom Illinois  answered…4mos

No, unless the said member country is a direct threat to European peace and stability.

@9WD67YYAlliance ’90/The Greensfrom Iowa  answered…5mos

I'd say mostly no but. there may be some situations where it is absolutely necessary to do.

@9W533MKReformed Political Partyfrom Alabama  answered…5mos

Yes, but there are currently none in the EU so this is irrelevant

@9VHZNY3Social Democratic Partyfrom New Jersey  answered…7mos

Yes, and support democratic opposition parties in those countries (must do this carefully as to not encourage said countries to leave the EU)z

@9SMZ399Finns Partyfrom Maine  answered…10mos

Yes, when countries commit crimes, or actions against basic human rights.

@9LLSB3NFree Democratic Partyfrom Maine  answered…1yr


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