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@93XGK3Gfrom Colorado  answered…4wks

@92XRLDGfrom Texas  answered…3mos

Yes, but only with a 2/3rds majority vote amongst member nations.

 Deleted answered…4mos

@925JL6Wfrom Texas  answered…4mos

No,because the Irish nation would be in name only and later it would evolve in trying to push the communist agenda to put the world into one communistic empire.

@8XSMM29from South Carolina  answered…9mos

The EU should evolve into a kind of European Confederacy. The United States is not a feasible model for Europe at this time, nor for the foreseeable future.

@8W76DLCfrom Maine  answered…11mos

@vayect from Maine answered…12mos

Yes in some aspects, EU countries should have their own devolved power, similar to the Scottish Parliament

@8TKNPFWfrom Ohio  answered…1yr

No, we should leave and abolish the EU. Sweden should never surrender its sovereignty to regional or international bodies of any kind.

@8SHNLDYfrom Massachusetts  answered…1yr

@8S5DNV6from Oregon  answered…1yr

@8RJMLRGfrom California  answered…1yr

All European countries should be free to have free movement and trade between each other but that's it.

 @8P6PWZP from Louisiana answered…2yrs

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