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@B2X87JDThe Republicansfrom Utah  answered…3mos

They should be able to visit and work to be a citizen, but shouldn't be able to get free access to the country.

@B2W6K8MEn Marche!from Florida  answered…3mos

Yes, If they can be supported by the family already in France and passes a screening

@B2QX3YCCasaPoundfrom New York  answered…3mos

@B2K9PN5National Frontfrom New York  answered…4mos

They should be checked if they are criminals but be fasttracked

@9WQB6N7National Frontfrom Indiana  answered…9mos

@9VSKZFLAlliance ’90/The Greensfrom Maine  answered…11mos

@9TJPZV6National Frontfrom Georgia  answered…1yr

Only if their parents are citizens and NO relatives or other family members will be allowed in


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