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@93DF2V9from Texas  answered…4mos

Yes, but only if they are members of terrorist groups or if they are planning on committing terrorism.

@92TLYSBfrom Nebraska  answered…5mos

@9256FZCfrom Pennsylvania  answered…6mos

@9253NL3from Pennsylvania  answered…6mos

If the case calls for it and they think that sending them would benefit the person, then I guess so.

@9234XSP answered…6mos

@8ZV4QNLfrom Georgia  answered…6mos

@8ZTVK9Hfrom Georgia  answered…6mos

No, unless there is undeniable evidence or a past history of radicalism related crimes.

@8XJTQNWfrom Oklahoma  answered…10mos

Only if they are a posing threat to the safety and wellbeing of France

@8QSKWFHfrom Missouri  answered…2yrs

No, they may have help (gov fund) finding one of these centers only if they ask for help. People may suggest it three times but then leave it alone.

@8QLWBKZfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@8NWWFB8from Maine  answered…2yrs

@8PL2T8Hfrom Rhode Island  answered…2yrs

Yes, unless they are from a french region trying to gain autonomy

@8F8SCH8from Arizona  answered…2yrs

No, and they should be deported or executed, depending on the crime.


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