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@9RZPQ3CDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…1yr

States should award electoral votes the same way as Nebraska and Maine.

@9RZB3B6Peace and Freedom from Louisiana answered…1yr

In my own opinion I feel as if the popular vote should go based off who wins the presidency.

@9RY2XVCDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

No, require a majority of the popular vote OR a majority of the electoral college for victory, if no majority in the popular vote is attained, revert to the proportional electoral college. If they conflict, the majority of the popular vote wins.

@9RW9VJ3Women’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, and change to the Score Then Automatic Runoff (STAR) voting system.

@9RTGC42Democrat from Colorado answered…1yr

@9RSR4XRTranshumanist from Iowa answered…1yr

No, but instead require that the "electors" vote for who they represent

@9RSBDQQRepublican from Texas answered…1yr

@9RR99RCRepublican from North Carolina answered…1yr

To win a state a person must win a majority of its counties not just the most populated areas

@9RR4D8QDemocrat from Indiana answered…1yr

The people should not vote but instead the electoral college should have their choice.

@9RQLB39Republican from Missouri answered…1yr

I like the electoral college because I like that it represents the whole country instead of just letting big cities speak for the whole country but I think that in the states the votes should be determined differently than whoever has the most votes gets all the electoral votes because that kind of doesn’t represent the whole country exactly.

@9RQ4TVNTranshumanist from Rhode Island answered…1yr

We need to change the people in these higher positions in my opinion.

@9RPZZXWAmerican Solidarity from Illinois answered…1yr

I don't exactly know whats going on with this system at the moment.

@9RPNZHPVeteran from Indiana answered…1yr

I think that we should either keep the electoral college or switch to the Congressional District Method used by Maine and Nebraska.

@9RNFM3GRepublican from California answered…1yr

I think the population system should be used, but for counties instead of states because a president could win by a few thousand votes in a large swing state, thus giving one candidate way too many votes in the electoral college than they actually deserve. like each county should represent a certain number of votes due to their population.

@9RLQJ2GDemocrat from Indiana answered…1yr

@9RKTY6GWomen’s Equality from Louisiana answered…1yr

It can be improved but it’s been working for several years so why get rid of it now

@9RK7JWVDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

no, but the votes should go to the candidate that received the popular vote in that state

@9RGGFXGWorking Family from Kentucky answered…1yr

No, but I strongly believe that who ever wins the most states should be declared the winner, not by the amount of votes.

@9RG78TGDemocrat from New Jersey answered…1yr

No, switch to a ranked voting system also reproportion the electoral votes.

@9RD8J4VLibertarianfrom Maine  answered…1yr

Yes, but replaced with a new system so it's not solely on popular vote.

@9RCNCMJRepublican from Kansas answered…1yr

Yes, but switch to a representative democracy (popular vote) system and make voting mandatory

@9RB9WQNPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…1yr

I dont have too much of an opinion on this one and would have to research more to make one

@Jaylin-HeaterPeace and Freedom from Kentucky answered…1yr

No however the popular vote should still be apparently useful in the voting system because it will encourage even more people who see it as unfair to vote.

@9R8Z4D6Republican from Minnesota answered…1yr

No, but we should have the voting system that Nebraska and Maine have

@9R8SG5LVeteran from Florida answered…1yr

Ensure security every counts population or congress intelligence agency specific for safety

@9R64CZPWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…1yr

No but they should commit to the popular vote in there particular state

@9R58QLRVeteran from Georgia answered…1yr

@9R3CTBWAmerican Solidarity from Illinois answered…1yr

No, but instead of all the votes going to one party the percentage of the votes for each party are the points. Example- Texas 80% Trump 20% Biden Trump gets 80 points and Biden gets 20 so even if you don't win a state you don't completely lose the state.

@9QZRSZXGreen from Oregon answered…2yrs

@9QY6X2VWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Instead of having electors go and vote, automatically give the electoral votes to the winner.

@9QY597ZPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9QXK9Y3Progressive from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, I haven't heard of a perfect system that fairly represents every city, person, or state. Until I hear of one, let's keep what we have.

@9QWVLVMLibertarian from Florida answered…2yrs

No, instead work on eliminating gerrymandering and implement a ranked-choice system

@9QVGGL7Socialist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Require winning both the electoral collage and popular vote. Switch to ranked choice.


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