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@963TVKM from New York answered…3hrs

Yes, as long as they’re documented residents and have pay taxes for at least 10 years.

@963QJKD from California answered…8hrs

Yes after living for a long time in the country, and if they care enough to vote and be a part of the country

@963M9PZRepublican from Colorado answered…10hrs

@963KL9Z from New York answered…11hrs

@963K6JS from Missouri answered…11hrs

Foreigners with the intent to stay in America for a substancial amount of time should be allowed to vote.

@963J5CK from Oregon answered…12hrs

@963D2RY from Pennsylvania answered…13hrs

@963BVPY from Minnesota answered…14hrs

@9638WSR from Texas answered…15hrs

@9635LY9 from Virginia answered…17hrs

foreigners should be able to vote as long as they take a political test to show they understand the system.

@9634WJY from Virginia answered…17hrs

Only if there is no criminal record/ bad reputation with government.

@962ZDWX from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

If you are a legal resident of the United States and you pay taxes you should have the right to vote. No taxation without representation.

@962Z8XXDemocrat from New York answered…1 day

@962YMSS from Maine answered…1 day

@962YH8Q from Maryland answered…1 day

@962Y4TCRepublican from New Jersey answered…1 day

@962XZR9 from Oregon answered…1 day

@962W7L5 from California answered…1 day

Yes, if they plan on staying here for a longer period of time.-(To an extent).

@962TCPR from California answered…1 day

@962SZ76 from Colorado answered…1 day

If they have citizenship they should or extend limited voting rights to residents

@962S4C3 from Florida answered…1 day

@962PDS8 from Louisiana answered…1 day

As long as they are an American citizen and have a good education.

@962PCVL from South Carolina answered…1 day

@962P5FB from Nevada answered…1 day

Yes, if they have lived here for 5 years and plan to for at least the next 10-15 years.

@962NLL3 from North Carolina answered…1 day

Yes, if they live in the country, it doesn't matter where they were born, legal matters affect them to

@962LK8N from Massachusetts answered…1 day

@962LBZPIndependent from Nevada answered…1 day

@962K45P from Utah answered…2 days

I feel that legal citizens should have the right to vote but I also feel like either the road to citizenship should be easier or an increase in requirements for natural born citizens. More government education should be required as well.

@962J33GDemocrat from California answered…2 days

@962F6MG from Kentucky answered…2 days

Only legal citizens can but it needs to be easier to become a citizen

@962CSXW from Nevada answered…2 days

Yes they should but only in local elections until they become an American citizen or have lived in the country for 5+ years.

@962C6GGfrom Guam  answered…2 days

No one who is uneducated about the subject at hand may vote, so no.

@962BR24 from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

@962BC84 from Ohio answered…2 days


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