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@B4HTRGQGreen from Wisconsin answered…2wks

Modernisation of aerial vehicles is of interest, however, we should focus on the distribution of investments to the improvement of education and health care, rather than militarism.

@B4DLN23Women’s Equality from Texas answered…3wks

No, unless the money is from a source that does not include taxes

@B488SYVDemocrat from California answered…1mo

The planes need to be upgraded, but the cost overruns should be handled by negotiations with Boeing based upon current Federal Acquistion Regulations guidelines. However, it is my understanding that Boeing recently agreed to pick up most of the cost overruns.

@B3H5R4FWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…2mos

@B2KCBXRVeteran from California answered…4mos

Yes, because the contract is already signed. Better due diligence should be made in the next round of negotiations because $2B/plane is absurd.

@B3N78CQPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

@B3KZ5X3Constitution from Illinois answered…2mos

No, Not until there is viable necessity to do so and not at 4 billion dollars.

@PreSilverDemocrat from North Carolina answered…4mos

@B23XMK5Republican from Illinois answered…5mos

Yes, the jets used by the President should represent the pinnacle of American military might, both to express power and to protect the Commander-in-Chief

@B23P2FXDemocrat from Washington answered…5mos

after they address all the way more important issues in this country

@9ZRT9ZLGreen from Tennessee answered…5mos

No, and abolish the military entirely replacing it with a decentralized militia elected by the people.

@9ZL93Q7Republican from Nevada answered…5mos

@9ZK976GPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, but attempt to minimize the costs and reuse old materials

@Zachary-BryantWorking Family from Kansas answered…7mos

If technological growth makes an upgrade relevant for the safety of POTUS

@9YM6LZ7Socialist from New Jersey answered…7mos

No, the current plane is fine and we shouldn’t spend 4 Billion dollars just on the presidents plane.

@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…9mos

No, make sure all necessary equipment that is needed is provided, but some of the cost that put us in debt needs to be made up. If there is an emergency though we should upgrade to ensure we have all the newest technology and best things to use.

@9XFBKGCWorking Family from Texas answered…9mos

yes if the current ones are not as good as we need them to be

@9X9BMTDVeteran from Connecticut answered…9mos

@9WNZ8LJRepublican from Arizona answered…10mos

@9W63L4FRepublican from California answered…10mos

@9VC5PNGRepublican from Indiana answered…1yr

@9S7RV9FVeteran from New York answered…1yr

No, air force one is a title anyway, if the president gets in a fighter jet then it becomes air force one.

@9RZQFB6Transhumanistfrom Guam  answered…1yr

If there is a need for the upgrade that allows the president to do his daily activities while in the air and ensures his safety.

@9RCF8WGIndependent from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, but only for safety, efficiency, and repair/replacement of damage as it occurs, not for luxury cosmetic upgrades.

@9RC6THZDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

@9RBQLBNVeteran from Mississippi answered…1yr

Yes, of course Air Force One should be kept at the most advanced level.

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2yrs

the military should be reformed, there is too much spending going to unnecessary conflict.

@beepbeeplettuce1Democrat from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9Q86M3ZIndependent from Missouri answered…2yrs

Without knowing the average life cycle of a commercial airplane, it is impossible for me to say what is appropriate. 50 years seems like a long time to keep a plane in service. At the same time, I would assume that AFO has been impeccably maintainted and upgraded continuously.

@9PTVZ5RWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@Alexis-GerrickWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…2yrs

Only if it is deemed necessary and in the best interest of the peoples defense. We should only use our military to act in defense of terrorism and to help aid civilians in war struck countries.

@9PMK8YXVeteran from Nebraska answered…2yrs

@9PLW9X2Socialist from Ohio answered…2yrs

I don’t give a rats behind about some fancy plane that I can’t even use. If I could use it though, he he he...

@9P5VSM3Constitution from Florida answered…2yrs

Air force One isn't a designated thing. It is just whatever plane the President is flying on


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