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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

Yes, and the government should never be allowed to acquire land by eminent domain

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, but drastically increase the amount of fines the company must pay in the event of an accident

@948L3WJ from Alabama answered…19hrs

@9482YBGRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

@9482LLG from Arizona answered…2 days

Yes, the government should stop construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, because it destroys the Native American water supply. If the US turns to more environmentally friendly energy sources, they can achieve energy independence without having to dig the pipeline.

@947MQ9R from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

@947KR39from Maine  answered…4 days

No and route it through Native American land so we can get rid of them once and for all

@946L5FQ from Wisconsin answered…6 days

@946KCBMfrom Maine  answered…6 days

Yes but only if there is an alternative renewable energy construction led plan to ensure good people are not put out of work

@94692ZV from Ohio answered…6 days

Yes, but they should pay for the land and/or meet the terms with anyone affected.

@9463VDM from Missouri answered…1wk

Yes, the government should not be allowed to build anything on Native American lands.

@945B4JS from New Jersey answered…1wk

@9446422Libertarian from Michigan answered…2wks

No, but the government should re-route the pipe away from Native American Land and should never be allowed to acquire land by eminent domain for any purpose other than creating national and state parks along with wildlife reserves.

@9445J4W from Michigan answered…2wks

Reroute the pipeline away from Native American Land and drastically increase the amount of fines for the company if they cause an environmental accident.

@943TDXH from Michigan answered…2wks

Yes, and the government should end the construction of new pipelines

@943HX6J from Washington answered…2wks

They should comply with the Native American's desire. If they lease to them then the consequences of leaks should put the people in charge in total fear for their future as a free/living person. No expense spared on the safety.

@942B875from Montana  answered…3wks

Native hunting and trapping lines...all native livelihood is dependent on the stop... on what you call the Dakota

@93YLNG4 from Kansas answered…3wks

No, as long as they refrain from using eminent domain, and reroute accordingly, on private land. There is enough ground to dig under property, without disturbing private owners (with exception to temp digging).

@93YJPRD from Texas answered…3wks

Yes, the pipeline violates treaties with Native American tribes and endangers critical aquifers.

@93Y9LP7 from Maine answered…3wks

Yes. The government had no right to route the pipeline through the Standing Rock Reservation. They are a sovereign entity (and the U.S. government has already defiled every other treaty they've made with the Natives).

@93Y56J2from Maine  answered…3wks

Yes, we should reduce the use of fossil fuels and invest more in sustainable energy production.

@93XWPWWConstitution from Arizona answered…4wks

No, but see how we can compensate for use of Native American land used

@93XM9DF from Nebraska answered…4wks

Yes, a spill could greatly contaminate an aquifer that supplies water to numerous states. It could be devastating to the region and isn’t worth the economic incentives

@93X4Q2S from Washington answered…4wks

@93VGSG4Socialistfrom Guam  answered…1mo

Yes, and Native American land should be respected and we should pursue sustainable energy instead

@93TTVWB from New Jersey answered…1mo

No, but reroute away from Native American land, and increase the fines for the company in the event of an accident.

@93TGW6Y from Illinois answered…1mo

Yes, the environmental disregard for Native American land is just another example of our long history of mistreatment of our indigenous peoples

@93SHQL7 from Indiana answered…1mo

No but it needs to be heavily monitored to prevent environmental issues. We need to again balance jobs and the environment

@93S4ZD2Progressive from Kentucky answered…1mo

No but reroute the pipeline away from populated lands and increase regulatory fines and guidelines to avoid pollution.

@93PZHKG from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, not only should it not be on Native lands but we should not be building anything further for fossil fuels

@93PL9YY from Texas answered…2mos

No, but reroute the pipeline away from Native American land and increase funding for native american tribes

@93MHD36 from Michigan answered…2mos

Not necessarily, but drastically increase regulation and oversight.

@93MGBSN from Wisconsin answered…2mos

No, but reroute the pipeline away from Native American land because the government should never be allowed to acquire land by eminent domain, and drastically increase the amount of fines the company must pay in the event of an accident

@93LY7RKDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

@93LQN2Z from Florida answered…2mos

No, but if land is owned privately or by natives should be purchased or rented at a percentage of profits only if the owner agrees to rent/sell the land, otherwise the government cannot claim the land.

 @93K7TKKIndependent from Tennessee answered…2mos

@93JZJ62 from Oklahoma answered…2mos

No, but there should be more intensive research on how to prevent ground pollution, increased fines for the event of an accident, and rerouting the pipeline away from Native American land.

@93JQF8BIndependent from Tennessee answered…2mos

Vote on it. Let the people decide. Maybe there can be an alternative route.

@93JLRFC from New York answered…2mos

No, but mandate that Indigenous reservations are provided sufficient restitution for the development of their land.

@93HPC7W from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

no, but conserving native american land, and conserving the environment should be a top priority with this.


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