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No, I don’t respect anyone who does but they should have the right to do so

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, it’s just a piece of cloth that doesn’t represent what it should

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@95X4YXP from Pennsylvania answered…5hrs

Unless it is being burned in a flag ceromony, no, the american flag shouldnt be burned

@95VKLFX from Missouri answered…2 days

No, but private citizens should not be charged with stopping it from being burned.

@95V5BRT from Missouri answered…2 days

No, but flag burners should not be protected from social repercussions

@95TKBTH from Arkansas answered…3 days

No, but only in cases of retirement of the flag should it be allowed.

@95T88LD from Washington answered…3 days

No, burning the flag is the way to properly dispose of a flag according to the United States Flag Code.

@95T4VD6 from Utah answered…3 days

No, if it's for a ceremonial burning of an old flag, that's fine, but people shouldn't be burning their own nation's flag because they "can do whatever they want."

@95SZMRJ from North Carolina answered…3 days

@95SY8W9 from North Carolina answered…3 days

@95SXX79 from Missouri answered…3 days

If you live in this country and want to be here then you must respect our flag which stands for our beliefs.

@95SXJRNRepublican from North Carolina answered…3 days

@95RSXNF from Virginia answered…4 days

No, a flag is an identifier not an identity so the situation should be more important than the act itself.

@95RR9H6Socialist from New Hampshire answered…4 days

Burning the American Flag is the proper method of disposing of one, according to the Flag Code.

@95QW6H9 from California answered…4 days

@95Q26Q3 from Colorado answered…5 days

Yes, unless the flag is being properly retired by a government official

@95PW3FM from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

No, while burning the American flag can be disrespectful, when done correctly it is the most respectful way to burn a flag.

@95NRP49 from Minnesota answered…6 days

According to the National Flag Foundation, The proper way to destroy a Nations Flag in a dignified way is to burn it, but only when it is in no condition to be repaired and no longer a fitting emblem for display. I stand not making it illegal to burn a flag.

@95NG5H9 from Kentucky answered…6 days

Yes, but only if the flag is in perfect condition. Tattered flags that have been retired are typically disposed of by burning, so long as one checks with a local fire marshal or military base for instruction.

@95NB4HB from Washington answered…6 days

@95N8RGJ from Washington answered…6 days

No, not only it would be a violation of speech but once a flag hits the ground it must be properly disposed of

@95MJWGJ from Washington answered…7 days

@95MD4B6Independent from Washington answered…7 days

No, if it is a citizen's personal property they may do what they will with it.

@95M4TGS from Minnesota answered…1wk

No, the proper way to dispose of an American Flag is by burning it rather than throwing it away.

@95LBKSW from North Carolina answered…1wk

@95H4V8Z from California answered…2wks

If it's illegal to burn the LGBT flag then it should be illegal to burn any flag

@95GFCH4 from Minnesota answered…2wks

@95FRHXMIndependent from Virginia answered…2wks

YES, by no means anyone should not burn down any flag because that is a flag that people fought for and that is disrespectful.

@95F55D7 from North Carolina answered…2wks

@8CX95HJ from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

No, burning the American Flag is part of the United States Flag Code

@95DMHHTRepublican from Florida answered…2wks

I think you should not be charged with a crim for it but it is a great dishonor to our nation.

@95DJQQY from Virginia answered…2wks

yes unless it is done in a proper way and to honor it and know what the flag means

@95DD7S4 from Illinois answered…2wks

While a flag may be a physical representation of what is like to be American, it is the views of the people in which their patriotism reflects the ideologies of their nation, not a mere object.

@95CYJHJSocialist from Arkansas answered…2wks

@95CTP3H from Illinois answered…2wks

no, but the only exception is if it touches the ground, then you should burn it.

@95CSVVN from Tennessee answered…2wks

No, This is more breaking of flag-code, rather than something illegal

@959X69H from Washington answered…2wks

It should be illegal unless you are burning it cause it touched the ground.

@959NYL2 from California answered…2wks

@959LXPZ from Iowa answered…2wks

its really disrespectful to anyones flag but i dont really have a say on yes or no

@958G9LW from California answered…3wks

no it is the only true way to retire the flag once it is ripped or torn.

@958F3HN from Minnesota answered…3wks

@957C7R5 from Illinois answered…3wks

No, It is the Etiquette of the American Flag that if you are to get rid of it you must do it in an honorable way, by burning it

@9576CG5Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

No its a violation of free speech and it is just a piece of cloth.

@956K2Y5 from Michigan answered…3wks


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