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@B4LQJZTTranshumanistfrom Guam  answered…3 days

Only those who have earned it, like soldiers, doctors, firemen, police, etc.

@B4BKZ4ZDemocrat from Virginia answered…4wks

@B45DWQGWorking Family from Maryland answered…1mo

@B3TPSJ4Republican from Minnesota answered…2mos

No, but it should be if you are doing it in front of lots of people, or influencing others because of it.

@B42F5TWDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@B3YPYKBPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…2mos

No, I have no respect for anyone who does but they have the right to do so. However it would be wrong to burn any other nations flag.

@B3RGTCXRepublican from Utah answered…2mos

@B3CXPWPGreen from Texas answered…2mos

It should be illegal for Speculators to benefit from the burning of our flags within American buildings at the behest of Saudi attackers.

@B36X8Q6Women’s Equality from Nevada answered…3mos

No, I don't personally respect anyone who does, but it is a violation of free speech for the act to be illegal.

@B2ZN8T4Peace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…3mos

no, we have bigger problems to worry about than some random person burning a regular old flag

@B2VR8S9Veteran from Michigan answered…3mos

It should be legal to burn the flag, unless it's for offensive reasons.

@B2RBLD3Veteran from Utah answered…4mos

only to burn a old flag but not burning a flag to protest and try to prove a point.

@9LJLFGZDemocrat from South Carolina answered…2yrs

I stand neutral. I would feel bad for the soldiers defending and fighting for our country, but there are people who believe America is not what it represent

@Paula-Dickinson-…Green from California answered…2yrs

No, burning is actually the proper way to dispose of an old or torn flag according to the US Flag code.

@9LJ6J5FVeteran from New Jersey answered…2yrs

@9L5PFLFRepublican from Iowa answered…2yrs

Only be burned if it is torn or ripped but burned in a respectful manor

@9L4ZM63Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…2yrs

No, but it would PROBABLY violate the representation of the country.

@9JBNWC8Veteran from Missouri answered…2yrs

Most definitely yes is should be illegal to burn any of our nation's flags

@9JB76R7Libertarian from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9HXLBP9Veteran from California answered…2yrs

yes, the flag reprosents the USA and should be treated with respect bye its citozens

@9HXG9YBPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…2yrs

No, as long as it is done the way it is supposed to be. Burning the flag in private is the proper way to dispose/retire it.

@9HWWFRSIndependent from Maine answered…2yrs

Yes, however it should only be burned if it is the proper way of disposing the flag. (IE if it touches the ground)

@9HT8PRSPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…2yrs

No. The role of the legal system is to promote public safety and well-being. Burning a flag may harm sentiment or morale but it, by itself, makes no one unsafe

@9HSX4R2Working Family from Connecticut answered…2yrs

you live here if you wanna burn the flag move somewhere else

@9HLKK73Constitution from Minnesota answered…2yrs

No, but it should be legal to punch a flag burner square in the mouth

@9HL6S5XSocialist from Missouri answered…2yrs

No, firstly it is a piece of cloth and it even with what it stands for it shouldn't matter. Secondly, burning the flag is one of the many appropriate ways of retiring.

@9H6RZNYAmerican Solidarity from Texas answered…2yrs

US Flag Code isn't enforced. Per the Supreme Court. If it enforced, see pargraphs d, i, and j of US Code

@LarvejoPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…2yrs

No, and burning is the proper and preferred disposal method for the flag.

@9H3NTV7Democrat from Georgia answered…2yrs

Flag retirement ceremonies involve burning the flag in a respectful manner.

@9H2R9FGWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…2yrs

No, but in some was it can be very disrespectful to the people that have served

@9GSBT9WAmerican from Alabama answered…2yrs

Yes, except when properly disposing of it after it has become damaged.

@9GQRD28Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…2yrs

@9GMV3SJWorking Family from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, except for flag retirement ceremonies. Additionally, we should enforce the flag code to some extent.

@9GMJW74Transhumanist from New Jersey answered…2yrs

yes, unless it is to get rid of the flag, not disrespect it

@9GLMNG4Democrat from Virginia answered…2yrs

@9GLWBKMIndependent from Kansas answered…2yrs

No, unless it isn't burnt by the owner, the fire is a danger to the surroundings, etc. to make the conditions illegal.

@9GL7YNRTranshumanist from Illinois answered…2yrs

The flag code states that to retire a flag it must be burned in a certain fashion, so in that instance no; however, if an individual burns a flag for protest of any kind then it should be illegal with legal consequences.

@9GKQYM8Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…2yrs

no,burning the American flag as stated in the flag code is the most appropriate way of disposing of the flag

@9GK4Z7KConstitution from Indiana answered…2yrs


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