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@B4DJHWTGreen from California answered…3wks

It should be optional for private colleges and universities. It should not be allowed for public colleges and universities.

@B4JLXLWPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…6 days

This is a leading question based on what someone feels is safe

@B4HG9RFDemocrat from California answered…1wk

No, but they may do so at their own discretion and have an obligation to address harassment and similar situations that lead to the need for these types of policies.

@B4787RJConstitution from Louisiana answered…1mo

No, the ability to control your own emotions is a requirement of Life. No one is expected to put you in timeout.

@B46ZKYWLibertarian from Alabama answered…1mo

Private colleges can do whatever but they are generally a bad idea

@OfficialSeeversLibertarianfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

@B42RG3TGreen from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, as long as all students are required to complete the same assignments (or are given reasonable alternatives)

@B3CXPWPGreen from Texas answered…2mos

They should look at policing Speculators-led Swatting attempts more aggressively such that campuses are a safe place to learn.

@B3CT47JRepublican from Texas answered…2mos

If universities believe that such things are useful or necessary, then they should be allowed to provide them, but I think that there is no reason that they should be necessary

@B3ZG36ZGreen from Illinois answered…1mo

No, Provide mental health services for people suffering from actual mental “triggers” like PTSD, but not for things that challenge personal opinions or make people feel uncomfortable

@B3Y9HM5Veteran from Texas answered…1mo

No, college is meant to challenge students thoughts and opinions so they are prepared for real life. Only Fascists', Neo-Nazis, Communists, Anarchists and woke people use safe spaces and trigger warnings.

@B3Y522MGreen from New Mexico answered…1mo

Yes, provide trigger warnings but let the students organize their own safe spaces.

@B3TNPW4Socialist from Texas answered…2mos

Yes, trigger warnings are basic human decency. Universities should allow students to create their own safe spaces.

@B3THT7MLibertarian from New Jersey answered…2mos

Abolish universities and have no safe spaces.Freedom of speech is really important.

@B3SC74XDemocrat from Kentucky answered…2mos

This is a loaded question. Most students are not sissies, but when discussing difficult, personal, hard-hitting questions, students should most definitely be warned beforehand. If a student has a negative reaction to a discussion in class, they can excuse themselves and calm down elsewhere. It’s common sense and common decency to be considerate to others reactions to difficult subjects.

@B3RDWGKGreen from Iowa answered…2mos

No because they need to learn that the world does not revolve around them.

@B3J9T6WTranshumanist from Nebraska answered…2mos

Colleges should be allowed to provide for students however they deem fit

@B3GR48QDemocrat from Arizona answered…2mos

Yes, adults ages 18-29 (college age) have the highest rate of depression, creating safe spaces and trigger warnings can reduce the risk of suicide in individuals that are already struggling

@B3FBNQLDemocrat from Ohio answered…2mos

A student should be allowed a break if needed, but safe spaces aren't always necessary.

@B2PK4JBRepublican from New Jersey answered…4mos

Yes, as long as they are not ideologically biased to leftists only

@B2NF38MDemocrat from Washington D.C. answered…4mos

Yes, provide safe spaces, but only for legitimate harassment

@B36HCFGSocialist from Kansas answered…3mos

University pedagogy and curriculum should be reformed to provide a more liberated space for debate and discussion, and students should be able to choose and challenge certain ideas and courses with impunity.

@B33TB57Working Family from Wisconsin answered…3mos

trigger warnings to identify and stop bullies, we all should be able to express our opinions without fear, instruct students to find common ground to begin the process of debate on differences

@B2Y7F29Libertarian from Arkansas answered…3mos

@B2VGBL7Democrat from Kentucky answered…3mos

They can but that should be up to the university and government doesn’t need input

@B2PSJ2VWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…3mos

I think you should add both but only for people who have a true medical issue such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD but you could also have people who will try to fake these mental illnesses, it's basically a blurry line.

@B2L2B5LLibertarian from Kentucky answered…4mos

@Debbie-ColigadoWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

Trigger warnings and safe spaces should exist, but students must also provide fair warning if they have any known triggers. Open lines of communication will help prepare them to have the courage to speak up once they're in the "real world".

@9HL6LNXSocialist from South Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes and no, I think that there should not be a need for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” by teaching children at a young age to respect people and not be offensive for the sake of being offensive.

@9HJS4JNRepublican from Minnesota answered…2yrs

No, make classes to teach students how to handle thoughts and opinions that challenge their opinions.

@John-LeMayLibertarian from California answered…2yrs

Yes, if their target market requests it. It’s marketing, not theater.

@9HJ82DNConstitution from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, it should be the decision of the university wether they want to provide these to their students

@9HHY7RMLibertarian from California answered…2yrs

They may, but only as private institutions that receive no tax payer support. As private institutions, they are free to provide whatever services they wish.

@AMcCormack21Republicanfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Private businesses can create and enforce any rules they choose, so long as they do not violate the constitution.

@9HDH8D6Peace and Freedom from Oregon answered…2yrs

Yes, provide trigger warnings and safe places but not simply to avoid hearing other peoples opinions

@9HCT76WLibertarian from Florida answered…2yrs

No, people are resilient. Giving trigger warnings will coddle those who might otherwise grow to manage their symptoms. As for safe spaces, the students should be mature enough to find their own.

@9HCR6YYSocialist from Missouri answered…2yrs

Safe spaces, absolutely. Trigger warnings depend on the content. Maybe have really available counselors for anyone that may be triggered.

@9HCLQVYDemocrat from Georgia answered…2yrs

Yes because many schools are not aware of how every student is mentally and by having trigger warnings and safe spaces is not just universities but all schools it would help make students feel more comfortable in their environment.

@9H9R34FPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as they're not providing safe space for hate groups/ hate speech

@9H9T9RZPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2yrs

life is full of triggers, and people aren't just going to change things to make other people comfortable, but I do believe that there should be places where students that feel alienated or under-represented should be able to go.

@9H82V4DLibertarian from Utah answered…2yrs

Universities should be allowed to create safe places and trigger warnings but should not be compelled to do so.


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