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@95X6QP6 from Washington D.C. answered…2hrs

Yes, and the U.S. should seek to further more trade agreements with its allies around the world.

@95SDN73 from South Carolina answered…3 days

@95RX7BPProgressive from Washington answered…3 days

@95RQ578 from Connecticut answered…4 days

Yes, but only if we allow free travel from citizens of North America

@95RMFSBProgressivefrom California  answered…4 days

Not as it stands. Free trade increases the wealth of all countries participating. The problem is that the wealth is not distributed fairly. Until that is addressed, NAFTA us just one more way to squeeze the worker and empower corporations.

@95QZTL3 from California answered…4 days

Yes, but remake it to be more balanced and less focused on exploiting low wage labor.

@95L7HWSDemocrat from California answered…1wk

@95FFNWN from Florida answered…2wks

@95C9P92Constitution from Mississippi answered…2wks

Yes, but amend the treaty so that certain industries whose products have an impact upon national security be exempted.

 @944P8PTfrom Utah  answered…2wks

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2wks

No, the agreement has resulted in the exportation of thousands of manufacturing jobs in exchange for low-wage labor

@9579JJS from California answered…3wks

@9564Z3M from Virginia answered…3wks

The US should have free trade both nationally and internationally, however, we should focus on creating an export, so that we don't just buy things.

@952P3BS from Kentucky answered…3wks

No, this encourages the outsourcing aof jobs to countries with few to no labor laws in which they exploit the poor for cheap labor

@94VR2J3from Texas  answered…4wks

Yes, but reform it to balance trade and protect worker's rights in all member countries

@94VB3RJLibertarian from New Jersey answered…4wks

Yes, and we should phase out all tariffs, quotas, and other international trade barriers over the next 5 years

@94SWRVHfrom Texas  answered…4wks

Yes, but it should be reformed to balance trade and protect worker's rights in all three countries

@94SS5TY from New Jersey answered…4wks

No, NAFTA and similar trade deals have led to outsourcing of manufacturing jobs

@94RV6FWWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…4wks

I never heard of this before, so I cannot give my proper statement on it.

@94RCPF6Democrat from California answered…4wks

@8YJVNKMfrom Guam  answered…4wks

@94K59S3Communistfrom Texas  answered…4wks

Yes, but do more to protect worker's rights in all three countries

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

No, the agreement has resulted in the exportation of thousands of American manufacturing jobs to other countries in exchange for low wage labor

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1mo

No, this should be renegotiated and replaced with an agreement that balances trade more fairly and restricts the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs

@94BVP6Gfrom Guam  answered…1mo

No, NAFTA and other globalization trade deals undercut wages of workers

@94BK6JCDemocrat from California answered…1mo

Yes, but the trade deal should be renegotiated to benefit American businesses and workers.

@94B3FNZ from Indiana answered…1mo

No, NAFTA is a scam and government should have next-to-no involvement in trade

@949CRMT from California answered…1mo

No, and the United States should adopt an autarkic mercantilist policy

@9498QW7from Texas  answered…1mo

Yes, but make sure it helps the working classes and the environments of the three countries involved instead of the rich and powerful

@947YQTC from Georgia answered…1mo

Perhaps, but import regulations should be simplified as they have become too convoluted.

@947KR39from Maine  answered…1mo

@947GKQTDemocrat from Washington answered…1mo

Yes as long as there are protection in place to preserve American jobs.


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