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Yes, but make it a high-tech surveillance barrier instead of a physical one

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@9438QSR from North Carolina answered…2mos

No,but we should abolish the 1965 immigration system and establish a brand new immigration system that will benefit the American people.

@8N5XVFL  from Texas commented…2yrs

Yes, there should be a high tech surveillance barrier but my reasoning is not because of immigration. A lot of sex trafficking happens along the border and it is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

@8NL5KB5  from Kansas commented…2yrs


This is very true some may say that wanting to build a wall or get better surveillance on the borders makes you racist, but that is not the case. Some people want better for the US. Wanting to keep out the drugs sex trafficking, guns and many other things. I'm saying that America doesn't have any of these things because we do. We smuggle things into Mexico and other countries and we don't get questioned because we are privileged, but those who are of colored or from other countries get questioned because they don't look as we do. Fair skin.

@8GHYHFC from Texas answered…2yrs

Rule and regulations should be changed to allow a easier path to become a U.S. citizen.

@8C6BVB2 from Washington answered…2yrs

@963V7TG from Maryland answered…2hrs

This question is not relevant to me personally, but if the US decides to build a wall, they should pay for it.

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@963NVPX from Indiana answered…8hrs

@963MY8T from South Carolina answered…9hrs

No, we should increase internal immigration policies before a physical barrier

@963MV5QAmerican Solidarity from Tennessee answered…9hrs

No, we should make it easier for foreigners to gain citizenship so they don't feel the need to illegally immigrate

@963KNGL from New York answered…10hrs

No, most "illegal" immigrants are over stayed visa's, it has nothing to do with building a wall.

@963KBDN from Virginia answered…10hrs

@963K5VFRepublican from Missouri answered…10hrs

Yes, but only for barrier purposes. Not blocking people from either side from entering, but to just make it more clear.

@963J6QH from Arizona answered…11hrs

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! All immigrants should be let in if they are in danger, we don't want another situation where millions of Jews were killed because they weren't allowed in the United States due to the racist and anti-Semitic immigration quotas and State Department.

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@963DH68 from Colorado answered…12hrs

@963DG9J from Pennsylvania answered…12hrs

No, but we ought to enforce the immigration laws that are in place as long as they are in place

@963C3XZRepublican from Ohio answered…13hrs

@9638W4K from Indiana answered…14hrs

If the U.S wanted to they could but they would find a way over, the United States isn't a fortress that can't be entered.

@96388T6 from Virginia answered…14hrs

Yes but inflict punishment if one tries to break through rather then resorting to violence

@9635KDL from Virginia answered…16hrs

@9635BTK from Ohio answered…16hrs

Although a wall would be costly for the U.S, there's always going to be people crossing the border or trying to climb that wall.

@9634NSF from Ohio answered…17hrs

@96347NP from Hawaii answered…18hrs

yes, build the wall but have an opening for immigrants to pass through, so there's no ILLEGAL immigrants coming from South America, and there wouldn't be any difficulty to find jobs once a citizen (or partial citizen)

@96333FMRepublican from Nevada answered…22hrs

@96332BW from Illinois answered…22hrs

Yes, to increase protection from drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

@962ZLF4 from Texas answered…1 day

Change the policies first where illegal means illegal and get them deported, and wall will not be an issue, 50 years ago it wasn't an issue (wall wasn't there. and illegal immigration wasn't that big of a deal)

@962XFJS from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

Not necessarily, separate CBP from ICE, destigmatize CBP, increase recruitment, training and funding

@962RRLHIndependent from Kansas answered…1 day

no, but do background checks on immigrants and make sure to give everyone a fair chance at becoming a citizen


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