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@scribble_5012Libertarianfrom Florida  answered…1yr

@9YP52VXWomen’s Equality from California answered…2 days

Yes, but only up to a certain point, we should not attempt to build it into the rocky, uneven terrain.

@9YNZCDWPeace and Freedom from Alaska answered…3 days

Increase presence at borders but also talk with the folks on the other side to get to know the people better. Should make the immigration process smoother, on paper at least.

@9YNXQV4Veteran from California answered…3 days

Build a wall and politically and financially encourage Mexico to stop immigrants at their border.

@9YNMK7CWomen’s Equality from New York answered…4 days

@9YMXJM9Women’s Equality from Louisiana answered…6 days

Continue to build the wall with checkpoints every few miles, and have Mexico help pay for the wall.

@9YLRX3YGreen from North Carolina answered…1wk

NO. We should have an open border to people seeking asylum. We should conduct the same searches that Canada does from travel in and out of the US and Canada. The Southern Border shouldn't be any different.

@9YLCG5HConstitution from North Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, if you want to live in america then enter legally otherwise you should be deported.

@9YKSJ5VRepublican from Georgia answered…1wk

Yes, But only for the people who are abusing the rules in the U.S

@9YBH6HBGreen from Florida answered…3wks

no, they’re still going to climb the wall. we should not be wasting tay payer money on something we know won’t work. It’s MexiCAN not MexiCAN’T.

@9YBGLF8Working Family from New Mexico answered…3wks

We should completely change how our country’s immigration works to allow for more people to be able to come.

@9YB8GP8Women’s Equality from New York answered…3wks

yes but private citizens should not be able to have guns and hold them to new comers. The government should be friendlier and not passive toward illegal immigrants.

@9YB6G7HRepublican from Ohio answered…3wks

yes, and all immigrants who wants in can apply to become citizens

@9YB3LG6Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

At least have a system to where people can find drugs on drug dealers.

@CLAIRE-WANKERRepublican from Tennessee answered…3wks

@9Y9KYJNWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…3wks

yes and no because we should help out the others around the world and not let them suffer

@9Y96Z6ZConstitution from Florida answered…3wks

Yes because we need to protect our borders from traffickers.

@9Y8YJLVRepublican from Alabama answered…3wks

Yes, but it should be a combination of a physical barrier and high-tech measures. Until then , close the border.

@9Y8S27KWorking Family from Washington answered…3wks

Yes and no it will keep people from coming over that haven't been a citizen of the united states and keep the drugs and bad stuff out

@9Y8HJCPWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…3wks

I think we should protect our borders from drugs and criminals but people who want a better life should be able to cross.

@9Y8CYF2Transhumanist from Texas answered…3wks

Yes, but form an Ellis Island like system where immigrants are screened before entering the country. And increase military presence

@9Y877X9Democrat from Wisconsin answered…3wks

No, and remove the current wall and leave it open and if you do build a wall Trump will pay for it and for everyone's taxes

@9MJ7DC8Working Family from Virginia answered…1yr

There has been a study that shows now that even a part of the wall has been built more illegal immigrants are coming in from our hat known as Canada.

@9MJ72XWConstitution from Texas answered…1yr

No, but increase our military presence along the southern border, but while keeping an open border policy.

@9MJ66YLWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No because what if an illegal immigrant was seeking over there because he wanted to be his family but if it a person is tryna harm people just put officers there

@9MHY9S6Veteran from Washington answered…1yr

It wouldn't do much. It isn't necessary. But in some cases it could be. so no and yes

@9MHH95QConstitution from Georgia answered…1yr

yes they should people across the boarder come here and get free health care and dont pay taxes at all. they are stealing money from us with being illegal in the u.s.

@9MH8CFRRepublican from Kansas answered…1yr

No, honestly I don't think it would work, however the borders do need to be secured somehow

@9MH36GCConstitution from Florida answered…1yr

Increase border protection and alter the process to make it easier for people to become citizens.

@9MH2SYCTranshumanist from Michigan answered…1yr

There should be border in place that strictly regulates people coming in. If people have committed crimes or are apart of gangs, they should not be allowed. If they are clearly people who need help and safety, they should be provided in a comforting place to stay and given guidance towards getting their citizenship. The border should background check people coming in. The people running the border also need the proper training.

@9MGZT7BDemocrat from New Jersey answered…1yr

no. there is no reason for there to be a wall separating us. it is childish and ridiculous.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…12mos


how? if you ran for President your campaign slogan would be I love rapists and drug trafficking ooh and human trafficking

@9MGZQTYPeace and Freedom from Louisiana answered…1yr

No, a wall is not necessary. It’s literally one of the dumbest things this country has spent money on that serves no purpose. It’s put the Country in more debt than we already have.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…12mos


don't act as you care about the country's debt when illegal immigrants cost the US 100+ million dollars PER YEAR and the proposed border wall would only cost about 20 billion dollars

@9MGYZBXTranshumanist from Kentucky answered…1yr

yes, but it should still be made possible for people to immigrate under certain circumstances

@9MGXCNXWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…1yr

This would show racism against Hispanic people and there should be no wall in the southern part of the US. This can be discrimination. Some people want to move into the US for a better life.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…12mos


and some want to sell drugs and rape Americans ( illegal immigrants are 3x as likely to commit a crime rather than a natural-born citizen)

@9MGWRJCPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…1yr

Make entrence into the US more accessible for those who are trying to make a bette life

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…12mos

@9MGVXZGWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1yr

No, but if we do increase our military presence on the southern border there would be less illegal immigration

@9MGRKXTRepublican from Colorado answered…1yr

@Victoria-sheahan…Peace and Freedom from Connecticut answered…1yr

No, I believe that immigration should be up to the people who are coming here, not the government.

@9MG3NY7Peace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…1yr

No, but keep a higher servalence on the border for potential enimies.


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