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@963SSY4 from Oregon answered…6hrs

@963BJNCRepublican from Texas answered…15hrs

@9633RLP from California answered…22hrs

I don’t understand the gravity of being a lobbyist so I remain undecided

@95WF5BF from New Jersey answered…5 days

Lobbyist should be outlawed That’s called corruption anywhere else

@95VJSZF from Maryland answered…6 days

Yes, but only if such a ban a result of a reasonable-length ban on political revolving doors

@95SZ249 from Maryland answered…1wk

@95SXTX2 from Montana answered…1wk

@95S8QW2 from North Carolina answered…1wk

it should depend on how they are as a government official if they are not good for the government then they should be band if they are good then they should not

@95RVC9MProgressive from Oregon answered…1wk

No, but they should be banned from compensation for lobbying work

@95RFBP8Independent from Washington answered…1wk

@95M8DXB from Ohio answered…2wks

@95B4WYC from Washington answered…3wks

@958TLY7 from Oklahoma answered…3wks

Yes, and severely limit the income and compensation paid to lobbyists.

@956VPRQ from Texas answered…3wks

They straight up should be banned permanently from being a lobbyist.

@94Y8525 from Nebraska answered…4wks

@94FXHSL from California answered…1mo

Yes, and severely limit the income and compensation paid to lobbyists

@948B4XH from Alaska answered…2mos

@947N6JH from Illinois answered…2mos

@946FCWX from Missouri answered…2mos

No, politicians should be allowed to become lobbyists as soon as they leave public office.

@9458VW6 from Florida answered…2mos

@944F39V from Arizona answered…2mos

@9445J4W from Michigan answered…2mos

Yes, and ban all forms of lobbying that have any form of providing finances to a politician via either gifts or "donations".


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