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@8PRSDMFRepublican from Texas commented…2yrs

@8PZKZWB from Colorado disagreed…2yrs

scenario 1: If i was a criminal, i'd just get a screwdriver, open the gun and rip out all of the electronics.

scenario 2: Gma who hasnt touched her gun in years, has her home broken into, and cant use her gun, because she forgot to change out the old batteries.

 @sophmiller2004 from Ohio commented…5mos

Not going to lie, I like your idea except I would change it to where assault weapons are banned and only the basic less harmful guns are allowed :)

@8Q5X9NCRepublican from Florida disagreed…2yrs

I like the Judge Dredd idea, however this would make firearms way too expensive for a common citizen. Plus if the fingerprint ID were to malfunction, that half second of reaction time you get to defuse the situation could end up in your death.


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