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@6B34FFLDemocratfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

We are killing innocents. We are destroying hospitals by mistake. Sometimes I think about the panic our citizenry would fly into if other nations started using killer drones on us. We would be outraged. And yet here we are, doing this very thing to them.

@Jacob-Mc.Independent from California answered…3wks

No, unless regional peace keeping forces can not control local insurgents and direct US involvement is required.

@B48YS77Independent from Massachusetts answered…4wks

only if the US is willing to open its air space to foreign nations to do the same, see above

@B45ST2PDemocrat from Oregon answered…1mo

Yes, but only if we are 100% sure they are active terrorists

@B3W2BBJConstitution from Washington D.C. answered…2mos

This issue is situation-dependant. Act with due dilligence to avoid needless foreign wars

@B3SGQ9FDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…2mos

first, add and do some research on the person you might be convicted of a crime such as that, and don't just kill them because they have different beliefs and or different skin colors.

@annaej2004Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…2mos

Yes, but only with permission from said country and only for gaining intelligence

@B3P5KL6Veteran from Ohio answered…2mos

Occasionally, we have to, but we should do it far less and not so indiscriminately.

@B3P3QG9Democrat from New York answered…2mos

@B3MNDFBGreen from Indiana answered…2mos

Only if the country in questions specifically asks us to do it, as a form of aid.

@B3H5R4FWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…2mos

I the suspecter terrioist are a for sure thing and a treat to us

@B3F8V8ZRepublican from Washington answered…2mos

Yes, provided it is programmed to kill the terrorists and not bystanders

@B3CXPWPGreen from Texas answered…2mos

@B388S76Socialist from Virginia answered…3mos

They should be for intelligence gathering and close air support for ground troops only.

@B34WLH2Socialist from Ohio answered…3mos

No, the military should not fly drones over foreign countries to gain intelligence nor kill suspected terrorists.

@B335CV3Transhumanist from Utah answered…3mos

Only for intel sake, and not to take the lives of any threats.

@9ZTNYD5Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

No, the military has no right to do so without a Congressional declaration of war, and Yes, but only with permission from the country in question.

@9ZPCLFHRepublican from California answered…5mos

It would be wise to gather intel from our enemies so that we may they're intentions, but it would also be wise not to further push the possibility of war... if it can be averted. Best to stay vigilant I guess.

@9Z4MKGFDemocrat from Arkansas answered…6mos

@9Z4L7RHPeace and Freedom from California answered…6mos

@9YYMPS6American from Iowa answered…7mos

@9YM39L8Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…7mos

@9YJ67FNSocialist from Indiana answered…7mos

No because it violates international as well as constitutional law. Plus again the US has had a history with the intelligence community of taking out interests the administration sees as a threat to their world view without due process and sometime much intelligence. I'm pro intelligence community but just saying what has happened in places like Iran recently

@9YHW8BNDemocrat from Utah answered…7mos

No, only to gather intelligence, not to kill suspected terrorists. Get better evidence than "suspected" first.

@9KQ6KW6Constitution from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Depends on if they heard word that they were going to come over here and just start shooting but if they did not hear that from somebody they can trust then no why go and stick there nose in someone else's life when there is no need

@9KK2D63Working Family from Kentucky answered…2yrs

Yes, but if they're going to kill anybody they have to be certain that they are a danger to America and are planning something/ has done something.

@9KBKNPCGreen from California answered…2yrs

@9KBGBN5Democrat from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Yes, but only as legally applicable and politically necessary

@Dominique-Putsch…Democrat from Nevada answered…2yrs

no, I think only if absolutely necessary otherwise other countries might react negatively to our invasion of their privacy and cause necessary conflicts.

@9HM5DYKLibertarianfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@9HKNVV5Transhumanist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Yes, but kill permission should only be granted by congress

@9HK94FRVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

To gain intelligence, but not to kill SUSPECTS. Kill KNOWN terrorists only.

@9HJZKK2Democrat from Nevada answered…2yrs

Yes, but only with permission from the country in question and not to kill.

@9HHZL9TTranshumanist from California answered…2yrs

Sometimes its better to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission. Sometimes.

@9HHTKJKSocialist from Washington D.C. answered…2yrs

No, only to gather intelligence with consent from the country in question, not to kill suspected terrorists

@9HH5J48Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

On the one hand if we suspect that they were trying to start a war with us then maybe. But unless we are specifically at war then I feel it should not be used.

@9HGX442Transhumanist from California answered…2yrs

Yes, but only with ironclad proof that they are terrorists acting in bad faith

@9HFH455Democrat from New Jersey answered…2yrs

@9HCNY2GWorking Family from Texas answered…2yrs

I believe that we should ask for the nation's permission to do both kill terrorist, and gather intelligence, unless the nation in question is not a trusted ally, or supports the terrorist organization.


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