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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

Yes, and the government should regulate the price of all prescription drugs

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No, and the government should never regulate prices of private businesses

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, limiting drug prices would also limit the investment in research and development into new life-saving drugs

@959K74L from North Carolina answered…3wks

@59Q9Z8Ffrom North Carolina  answered…2yrs

Ban drug marketing and the billions spend per year on healthcare advertising

@5NCS87Qfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

The government would not have to regulate any drug price if the insurance industry did not exist. Drug companies would be bankrupt if anyone had to pay OOP for drugs.

@56DRBYQIndependentfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

Regardless, shorten the lifespan of drug patents and deschedulize marijuana and kratom.

@59QG52Tfrom Oklahoma  answered…2yrs

Yes, they should not allow companies to buy up patents and turn around and sell the drugs at ridiculous profit margins, especially drug research funded by the government. If the research is privately funded, that should not be as tightly regulated.

@59QRXQ4from Arizona  answered…2yrs

No but they should enforce antitrust laws to prevent pharmacies from hiking their prices with impunity

@gandolphfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

The FDA is a joke and, in many ways, makes it very difficult for any competition the exist. This, and the existence of third party payments enable the sole proprietor of the pharmaceutical agent to charge essentially what he wishes.

@59QML7Rfrom Maryland  answered…2yrs

Only after financial data is given to the public that supports the set price.

@59Q665Cfrom California  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only life-saving drugs and a fair profit margin slightly higher than typical for industry should be targeted to encourage further investment in life-saving drugs.

@5NN4KJRfrom Arizona  answered…2yrs

i am tired of the sheeple thinking the government is the answer to anything. we need to grow up and do it ourself

@59Q5RQKfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

Open up the market completely, so that other companies can create similar products and sell them cheaper, driving the prices down.

@CharlesVentin166Write-Infrom Washington  answered…2yrs

Only if they also enforce that research be published according to the difference in rates of increase in pharmaceutical prices and the inflation rate nationally.

@964FLFY from Florida answered…2hrs

@962KZK2 from Nevada answered…3 days

No, and end the FDA’s discretion in approving chemically equivalent generics to reduce prices

@962BYHQ from Utah answered…3 days

Yes, to a standard courtesy to the people who needs the drugs but not a lot because the continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections

@9629L99 from Utah answered…3 days

yes, but that way they can't get excessively high, but also don't make further research unlikely

@9622H3B from California answered…3 days

No, but allow more international medicine, prevent evergreening of patents, fast track approvals of generics and allow certain countries a fast track for approvals of new drugs

@95ZQMMQLibertarian from California answered…4 days

No, but prices should be a fixed increase on manufacturer cost for life saving drugs.

@95ZPBSD from North Carolina answered…4 days

@95ZB3ZC from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

@95YMR65 from Virginia answered…5 days

@95YLCGGCommunist from Texas answered…5 days

@95YFQSVLibertarian from Washington D.C. answered…5 days

It is unfortunate I have to answer YES for this question, as I am a huge proponent of the free market, but pharmaceutical companies are corrupt and charge unethical, inhumane prices for drugs people need to live. It must be stopped.

@95XXD7T from Illinois answered…5 days

Life saving drugs should be available to anyone needing them but they shouldn’t be completely free however they should be mandated to be affordable to the public.

@95XNTHN from Iowa answered…6 days

Government should not be in our health business! But we need an independent board who would do the regulating-one separate from government, food or drug influence!! If that's possible any more!

@95XBZTZPopulist from Michigan answered…6 days

@95WSDDX from Illinois answered…6 days

No, the government should never regulate prices of private businesses, but offer subsidy through medicare/medicaid.

@95WNCYG from Maryland answered…7 days

No, but shorten the lifespan of drug patents and U.S. populace should not have to pay higher prices in order to subsidize other countries.

@95V5BRT from Missouri answered…1wk

Yes, and punish companies for price gouging life saving drugs like insulin

@95TYJJX from West Virginia answered…1wk

The cost of medication should be low enough for ever individual who needs it can afford it without having to decide what they have to go without

@95SJ9NK from Ohio answered…1wk

@95QVLD3 from Wisconsin answered…1wk

@95R6CCX from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, limitations on max cost should be enacted to prevent the effect of scalpers drastically raising prices for profits, possibly limiting the patents on drugs to allow for "generics" a bit sooner.

@95QHWLD from Nebraska answered…1wk

@95Q43JV from Illinois answered…1wk

@95PMJYP from Georgia answered…2wks

the healthcare providers should make lifesaving medicines more affordable


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