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@B4G8ZRDGreen from New York answered…2wks

Eliminate it for those with a net worth under five million raise it on everyone over five million

@B46RLGSVeteran from Texas answered…1mo

Tax it as ordinary income in lieu of a special tax as a category.

 Deleted answered…1mo

My idea on estates is once a house is paid for, when vacated for whatever reason, new occupants should pay a maintenance fee
and yearly taxes based on square footage to bank monthly, as once house is paid for shouldn't keep paying for what's already paid for This would eliminate ( if occupants want to make changes must get city and banks approval, at their own expense,)equity,and borrowing against house. Banks real estate insurance would be required to maintain house with payments received. Theory is if house maintenance up to date no slums.

@B3YWFHVLibertarian from California answered…2mos

Reform to a flat tax system. All gains, regardless of source, should be taxed the same.

@senttieeLibertarian from Virginia answered…2mos

Eliminate the current tax system in favor of a single land tax.

@B3VKJ7FRepublican from Tennessee answered…2mos

@B3Q3DWSRepublican from Colorado answered…2mos

Yes, it should be eliminated and reformed with a national flat tax.

@B2VFXQQTranshumanist from Illinois answered…3mos

@B2NDJYFDemocrat from Washington answered…4mos

it should progressively increase as the value of the estate grows higher. (small estate - no tax, medium - 10 to 20 percent - large, up to 45 percent

@B2GTMKXGreen from New York answered…4mos

people should be able to pay for their estate at a price they can manage based on their budget and living environment

@9ZXXN3YDemocrat from Texas answered…5mos

@9ZR2G6BIndependentfrom Guam  answered…5mos

@9HQCYMPDemocrat from North Carolina answered…2yrs

@9HPNRRKVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9FW939ZLibertarian from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes, this money has already been taxed and is a punishment for being financially successful.

@9FMYPWNVeteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, decrease estate tax, but lower thershold to 5 million.

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…2yrs

Move to a form of funding that is voluntary that the people have full control over and abolish all taxation.

@9FBSCTLDemocrat from Virginia answered…2yrs

It should be increased to 45% and should effect estates above $3 million.

@9VF2QZ5Republican from Louisiana answered…1yr

@9VBVHYSDemocrat from Michigan answered…1yr

@9TG8STJWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, and increase it at a progressive rate, but only for large multi-national corporations and the wealthiest of American Society and remove all deductions & Loopholes and Enforce It.

@9TB8SPJEcological Democratic Party from Virginia answered…1yr

The estate tax should be replaced with an estate cap of a reasonably conceived amount, designed to only give inheritors what they could reasonably need or use.

@9T964SYSocialist from Maryland answered…1yr

@9T6JT9SVeteran from Texas answered…1yr

No, and base taxable market value of estate items on potential value due to person's fame.

@9SYFD2VDemocratfrom Guam  answered…1yr

@9SG3JJBVeteran from Oregon answered…1yr

Yes, but only if the the person getting the inheritance earns less than 50k a year.

@9RY2XVCDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

@9QSCQRCGreen from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

they are dead, leave them alone and their money to the heirs

@9QBTWPZDemocrat from Florida answered…2yrs

Abolish it, the money was earned by the deceased for their family, the government has no right to take a penny of it

@9PXBHK8Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs


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