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@65B6RLXRepublicanfrom Kentucky  answered…2yrs

No, but add a clause that ensures a "tax" or reparation is made to the US from those countries that need defending (and under 2%) should they need the US military for defense or aid.

@658X3N3Greenfrom North Carolina  answered…2yrs

@659JTQ9Republicanfrom Nebraska  answered…2yrs

We should not be expected to fund countries who prosper but do not fund their own defense -- why should we bear the cost when they can afford to do so?

@B4K9PQRGreen from Ohio answered…3 days

No but we should help them use their smaller budget more efficiently and honourably.

@B4K6MMWSocialist from Virginia answered…3 days

We should withdraw from NATO and determine our cooperation with European nations bilaterally.

@B4FKY5XPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but NATO should require all countries to spend a certain amount of their GDP on the military.

@9M4F32LDemocrat from Texas answered…2yrs

No, we should remain neutral but help with aid for those with low military defence budgets

@9LJL4D7Libertarianfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Yes, we have made an agreement to do so, but we should begin to disentangle those obligations while working to retain positive relations with them all.

@9LJF47LWorking Family from New York answered…2yrs

@9JNKKS5Peace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…2yrs

@MichaelandMitzi-…Republican from Texas answered…2yrs

We can step in to help with the understanding they are to build a strong military.

@9HNDWQCTranshumanist from Nebraska answered…2yrs

Yes, however this should be done as a member of NATO along with the other members of NATO doing the same

@9HKZ5LHVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes because it is strategically relevant to the deployment ability of our troops to potential combat locations.

@9HJM54QIndependent from Florida answered…2yrs

@9HF4XZ2Green from California answered…2yrs

@9HBDTL7Republican from Florida answered…2yrs

@9HBCXK2Transhumanist from Georgia answered…2yrs

Yes, but all countries in NATO should live up to the agreements they signed on to for that protection.

@9H9X276Veteran from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

NATO troops in general, not just the US, and these countries should build up their military budget

@Jennifer-Gundlac…Green from California answered…2yrs

Yes, so long as we remain within NATO with its current terms. We have in the past done so in spite of this, and to stop doing so now seems both petty and aggressive when there is a diplomatic solution--renegotiation or walking away if those negotiations are not in line with the objective of ensuring the world is not subject to a government or entity like the Nazis of WWII.

@9H7KNZ8Democratfrom Montana  answered…2yrs

@Robert-Sanchez-G…Independent from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes, we should defend any country we promised to defend in good faith. Constituent NATO countries fulfilling their military spending agreement should collectively require non-complicit members to meet the required budget. Consultative support should be offered to help make this happen in a reasonable period (e.g., 2 to 3 years). Nations failing to meet the deadline should be required to pay remaining nations including the US a direct fee for defensive service.

@9H6V899Peace and Freedom from Kansas answered…2yrs

Yes, only if every country will contribute the agreed upon 2% of their GDP.

@9H6NT9KSocialist from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as those countries do not antagonize or declare war on larger countries expecting aid from the rest of NATO.

@9H5QRBXVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

@9H5D3PWLibertarianfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

If its needed and countries pay for the help in times of need.

@Dakota-MillsVeteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Depends on the situation that lead to the country being attacked

@9H56LVWWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes, if those countries have a plan in place to meet a minimum spending percentage requirement

@9H4VHKFProgressive from Kentucky answered…2yrs

@9H4THDQRepublican from Utah answered…2yrs

Yes, and they should have a payment agreement based on the amount of support given.

@9H4Q9R4Veteran from Michigan answered…2yrs

Yes defend... but bill NATO due to their failure to hold to their end of the agreement.

@9H45G4FVeteran from Arkansas answered…2yrs

@jkrupp0101Veteran from Idaho answered…2yrs

No, we should require them to pay at least 2% of their GDP on military defense

@9H2CZ45Veteran from Kansas answered…2yrs

Yes, but continue to pressure those countries to carry their load and do their fair share

@9GWBMN7Green from California answered…2yrs

There should be a standard to meet the NATO requirements and all countries involved should have the same obligations to assist.

@9GVY5GTTranshumanist from Colorado answered…2yrs

No, unless it has to do with relation with us we don't have to worry about others.

@Hunter-SisnerosTranshumanist from California answered…2yrs

Yes, but those countries need to increase their military spending.

@9GSXK6PRepublican from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Yes, however the push to force other countries to pay their obligations is important

@9GSS2Q9Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…2yrs

Yes, but the terms of NATO should be revised and potentially revised

@9GS3GRHLibertarian from Kansas answered…2yrs

All war time judgements should be made with all the available and situational facts at hand.

@9GRZ8LGLibertarian from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes, but set minimum capabilities and standards all nations must abide by.


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