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@Asa-JuddDemocrat from Utah commented…2yrs

Thorium is nuclear. Thorium is just a different fuel and chemical/atomic reaction process.

@John-GodfreyLibertarianfrom Florida  commented…2yrs

Yes, Thorium can be used as Nuclear Fuel, however there are benefits to using Thorium vs U-238 -> PU-239.

TH-232 is considerably more abundent on Earth where as U-235 is more rare than platinum and U-238 needs to be bred into PU-239 to be used as nuclear fuel and is easily weaponized.

TH-232 is NOT FISSILE, its FERTILE, and Beta decays into Protactinium-233 then into Uranium-233, which is considerbaly more FISSILE than U-235 with a Fission:Capture ratio of 12:1 vs U-235's 6:1 & PU-239's 3:1

So Thorium can provide us with MORE fuel, and that is MORE EFFICIENT than the U-235 / U-238 -> P…  Read more

@John-GodfreyLibertarianfrom Florida  commented…2yrs

Edit to final part of my reply above... its the TRANSURANIC byproducts that have a half-life of 300 years, not the reaction itself.


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