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@6D79TMWRepublicanfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

GMO's- Do some research! GMO's aren't typically bad. Insulin that diabetics inject themselves with, is a GMO. It's a genetically modified organism. Modifying organisms goes all the way back to Egyptian times. Tomatoes are genetically modified, Cherry tomatoes are what tomatoes used to be until people started modifying them. So tell that to everyone who thinks their tomatoes should be left alone... and then give them cherry tomatoes and see how they feel. It's ridiculous that people have such strong opinions without doing any research themselves. They ask doctors about vaccines or vegans about GMO's... how about you do research from both sides and actually look at the facts to base your opinion off of. Don't have an opinion based off of someone else's opinion.

@B4KK3K9Transhumanistfrom Maine  commented…2wks

Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food

Technically insulin isn't a GMO, it's a protein produced by a GMO.

@B4RW5WKVeteran from Minnesota answered…2 days

I don't understand enough of this topic enough to have an opinion on it

@B4RBKT2Transhumanist from Washington D.C. answered…3 days

@B4M8BTDPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…1wk

It is part of the food pyramid from what i was taught is that meat is a good factor for the dirt, but im pro choice to what people want to do with it

@9Y6KM59Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…8mos

@9Y69BX9Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…8mos

@9Y57463Women’s Equality from Florida answered…8mos

At least be able to identify the ingredients and any warnings applied to the GMO, or label to be safe from copyright. If so, then it should be required.

@9XYN9WPTranshumanist from California answered…8mos

yes because nobody knows what they had in there other than the ones who grew it

@9XY3C56Libertarian from Virginia answered…8mos

Required by law - NO. Provided as a choice by the producer - as advantageous in promoting their product(s).

@9XXQTV3Libertarianfrom Maine  answered…8mos

Yes but increase information on the safety of GMO's and their potential benefits

@9XPT9HJRepublican from Colorado answered…9mos

@9XPQVNRRepublican from Georgia answered…9mos

No, genetically modified organisms exist in all food we consume. Waste of ink.

@9XH2VGZWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…9mos

I believe for certain it should be labeled but for products know to have gmo no.

@9XGZNDSWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…9mos

they should not be required to label it. but it should be labeled

@9XFCLLTGreen from Missouri answered…9mos

@9XCSTL6Socialist from Texas answered…9mos

@9X7PG22Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…9mos

If they are some products that are needed for such labels then they can be put on the product

@niaberry21Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…10mos

No , as an individual you should already know whats going in your body by doing your own research you don't need a GMO's conformation every time you want to ear something etc.

@9WBN9BJConstitution from Georgia answered…10mos

Producers should be allowed to do as they wish. If they would like to label their food they can.

@9W8ZQT2Women’s Equality from Texas answered…10mos

Yes, most things dont even have GMO anyways its just simply put on packaging to get more money

@9W5P4LFGreen from Virginia answered…10mos

Yes, but just because something is labelled as a GMO doesn't mean that it isn't safe. GMO's could be very helpful for ending hunger in a lot of places.

@9W56FX4Transhumanist from Ohio answered…10mos

I think, it would possibly be helpful to have labels on the Genetically Modified Organism foods for some people may buy organic foods they could know which is truly organic while which food is made from the lab. Also, I think it would be helpful to have labels because then people could see what is in the food that was created from the lab and not just be eating some unknown chemicals, because sometimes (well I guess this is in my case) I am curious into what I am eating.

@carlin6580Republican from Washington answered…11mos

No. If Non-GMOs want to promote themselves with their own labeling, like Organic foods, that's fine.

@9VNBMF3Transhumanist from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, because people have a right to know what they're eating, and I think if people want to understand what GMO means the producer should a URL to their website so that people are informed that GMO isn't necessarily bad (for the ones that want to be informed).

@9VJ2WZYDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1yr

No, however they should be required to respond to inquires about the subject if wanted.

@9VG7DQZWorking Family from Utah answered…1yr

Yes, but they should show the true requirements to get those seals


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