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@9YNQSG5Independent from New York answered…4 days

@9YN7HDVConstitution from Iowa answered…5 days

mmr chicken pox stuff like this yes, flu, corona, viruses no.

@9YLCGTCRepublican from Iowa answered…1wk

yes but only if that vaccine has been tested a lot and we trust it

@9YLCG5HConstitution from North Carolina answered…1wk

No, it is unconstitutional and illegal to force that. It should be up to the parent or other legal guardian and even the kid his or herself.

@9YMXJM9Women’s Equality from Louisiana answered…6 days

Yes, except for anyone with health reasons that permit use of the vaccine, and also for religious exemptions.

@9YMNNTKConstitution from Washington answered…6 days

@AVA-HOOCKVeteran from Illinois answered…6 days

For some vaccines that have been worked on for 10-15 years, but not rushed vaccines.

@9YMLZ6RIndependent from Idaho answered…6 days

Yes but with the exception of religious beliefs and medical issues.

@9YML9M9Working Family from Missouri answered…6 days

Let the parents of the children, and the adults choose if they want to be vaccinated.

@9YMJNV9Transhumanist from New Hampshire answered…6 days

Yes, but not for the Covid vaccination due to lack of research and it is the persons choice but children should have to be vaccinated at birth for the normal vaccinations.

@9YLZVK8Republican from California answered…1wk

Yes, kind of. Only if the disease is extremely deadly, and the vaccine is safe and effective.

@9YLXKCBWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…1wk

@9YLPTZ7Independent from Illinois answered…1wk

If you do not have compromised immune system then you should be required

@9YLK28RConstitution from Texas answered…1wk

That is not the governments choice in the case of parents vaccinating their children, especially if it is against their religion.

@9YLJ7N6Republican from Indiana answered…1wk

No, because there’s never sure idea that it’s not harmful to young children

@9YLH3LJRepublican from Ohio answered…1wk

No, vaccination should be a topic of education for everyone so people understand why they’re important, but it shouldn’t be forced

@9YLDS59Democrat from New York answered…1wk

No but getting vaccinated should a thing everyone does but not by force.

@9YLDRJ9Republican from Iowa answered…1wk

only one that have been proven to protect you with year s of research

@9Y6V4B4Democrat from North Carolina answered…4wks

Yes, they are essential for anyone who relies on herd immunity to live or stay as healthy as possible. Anti-vaxxers are killing people whose chronic illness makes them particularly vulnerable and are spreading harmful diseases.

@9Y6MVWPIndependent from Illinois answered…4wks

@9Y6MPXVWorking Family from Ohio answered…4wks

Yes, but other vaccines that are new and not yet proven to have negative effects in the long run should not be forced on children.

@9Y65Q3RRepublican from California answered…4wks

Should be the parents' decision to make especially for the COVID vaccine. Other vaccines like measles, chicken pox are fine because there have been long term

@9Y5ZPG2Peace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…4wks

They should for deadly infectious diseases but if their religious beliefs say no or it is not fully done.

@9Y5T2H2Democrat from New York answered…4wks

I think it depends it because I will only allow a child to take a vaccine if the vaccine is 100% safe and will not cause harm.

@9Y5G6XDWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…4wks

Yes unless they have a medical condition preventing vaccination

@9Y5DJZMLibertarian from Washington answered…4wks

@9XZVRWNDemocrat from California answered…1mo

I feel like they should be required to A certain extent. I acknowledge many peoples beliefs therefore I feel like if they got tested every week it would open A possibility to knock that requirement down.

@9XZ6CFBIndependent from Illinois answered…1mo

People should get vaccinated, but still have the choice to or not.

@9XZ4ZZ8Green from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, unless they are allergic to a substance within a vaccine and/or their religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines.

@9XWRF9JCommunist from Washington answered…1mo

as long as the diseases in question pose a threat to both the patient and public's health. Diseases such influenza, coronaviruses (viruses that cause the common cold and have the inherent ability to replicate themselves and recombine with other coronaviruses as an evolutionary survival trait to ensure they colonizes in their hosts, both avian and mammalian, and therefore cannot be practically or even impractically immunized against), e. Coli, Salmonella, etc.

@9XWNN2XLibertarian from Alaska answered…1mo

I think its's the parent's choice to let their children get vaccinated

@9XTMHSJPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@9XTL6JLIndependent from Ohio answered…1mo

no but it shuld be in the future but it needs to be a slow thing for us to grasp

@9XTKP8NSocialist from South Carolina answered…1mo

it should be a parents choice to decide what's good for their child.

@9XT8PRDPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…1mo

It should be up to the parent's and child's to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

@9XT4D7HTranshumanist from Texas answered…1mo

no, its their choice to do what ever to their child. but if your child is spreading a nearly eradicated disease to the others its on them

@9XSXQZ4Democrat from Utah answered…1mo

they should be able to if they want to but it will be the parents or the persons choise

@9XSWHP5Women’s Equality from Indiana answered…1mo

yes, within parent permission and not for the covid vaccine because it has not been around long enough.

@9XSR9FTPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…1mo

It should be required if the disease is deadly unless your religion has strict rule about vaccines.

@9XSPK7MDemocrat from California answered…1mo

@9XSN5T9Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…1mo

They should have the right to choose whether they want the vaccine or not.

@9XSH7W2Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…1mo

Yes, but only if the vaccine will stop the spread of the disease


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