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Yes, they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated

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Yes, but with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, but hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other children

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@93J5Q27 from Kentucky answered…3mos

Yes, especially for deadly contagious diseases. Parents should get their children vaccinated before they attend Daycare or public school. Parents should be held criminally liable for not getting their children vaccinated or for transferring diseases to their children and/or others children and should be arrested. Vaccinations that should be mandatory should be for Polio, Mumps/Measles/Rubella, Chickenpox, Rotavirus, Meningococcal Meningitis, HPV, TDaP, and COVID-19 (if possible).

@59J9PYNfrom New York  answered…2yrs

US should stop spreading viruses for profit only then world would be free of all diseases. Capitalism is world cancer.

@8NL5KB5  from Kansas commented…2yrs

Yes, they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated Yes, but with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines Yes, but only for deadly contagious diseases No, fund public ad campaigns about the risks and benefits instead No, but require vaccination in order to attend public school Regardless, this should be decided at the state level No, but hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other children Yes No

How is the US going to stop spreading viruses when it is our of their control. I know that in the vaccines there is a form of that disease from the year before, but that illness isn't going to be the same as the one spreading around now. The doctors are putting bacteria's in your body not knowing if your body can fight off these bacteria's. There is no way the world could be free of all diseases, it's just not possible.

 @Lola3NPB from California commented…2yrs

International travel bans are just not possible.

Even if you banned human travelers you couldn't ban cargo coming in from foreign countries. The world economy would collapse.

@59KMPNRfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

It's funny that if vaccination really work why should they worry about those who don't. Those that do not get vaccinated. Tough.

@7RYLNVTLibertarian from South Carolina commented…2yrs

Well, the ones who don't get vaccinated aren't immune to the disease so they can still get it from anywhere. All a vaccine does is strengthen your immune system, however, if you don't get the vaccine you can still be in danger of getting a virus from someone who did get the vaccine.

@59MCWPJfrom Arizona  answered…2yrs

This is a tough one. I understand both sides. the safety of all people is at stake here. I do support vaccination efforts and they should be pushed quite hard. Those who choose not to vaccinate, should be held accountable for infecting others especially if it includes loss of life.

@963VZPW from California answered…48mins

No, vaccines should only be required for very well studied diseases

@963T4NF from Georgia answered…4hrs

@963R8LRRepublican from California answered…7hrs

The parents of the child should be able to decipher what is safe for their child on account of what ever the parents and child wants.

@963PDDN from Indiana answered…9hrs

@963PCJQ from Washington answered…9hrs

Depends on the family, the kid's body's reaction to the vac and If the kid consents to it.

@963NYBQ from Maine answered…9hrs

I support the medical branch and their breakthroughs on medicine and their ability to save lives, but im curious on how natural selection and human evolution would be different without medicine.

@963NY6T from Texas answered…9hrs

No but if you do not get vaccinated you are responsible for consequences that come with it

@963NRXT from Colorado answered…9hrs

yes, but this should be carefully looked into ethnic religions that are very strict not the ones that are supposedly "stated" in the bible or such contexts

@963NKYP from Indiana answered…9hrs

yes unless someone can get sick or people that cant afford it or cant find a ride to places.

@963NFDS from Colorado answered…10hrs

Mix of not required but require it for all public school and public spaces with other children and hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases. But exemptions for religious schools (NOT PUBLIC SCHOOL), and places of worship if their religion requires it.

@963MDQ3Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…10hrs

Yes unless they have a medical obstruction where they cannot receive vaccinations.

@963LXYF from Illinois answered…10hrs

Yes, Only for deadly contagious diseases and if their religion allows

@963LWSL from New York answered…10hrs

No it should be up to the parent to weigh the pros and cons of vaccines for their kids

@963LFKV from Virginia answered…11hrs

@963GZ55 from Illinois answered…12hrs

@963GQN5 from Wisconsin answered…12hrs

@963GG8NConstitution from Oregon answered…12hrs

Yes, as long as the vaccine has been thoroughly tested LONG-TERM and deemed completely safe before becoming required (with exceptions for religious reasons)

@963G6T6 from Pennsylvania answered…12hrs

yes, unless you have medical proof of amino compromisation or other health-related concerns to getting that vaccination.

@963FG9HDemocrat from California answered…13hrs

Yes, but hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other children if their child is not vaccinated.

@963F6W9Democrat from Oklahoma answered…13hrs

should be their right to choose however in the event they are not and do become infected when the vaccine was available to them they should have 100% out of pocket to cover the fee for their choice.

@963DM3S from Maine answered…13hrs

it should be up to the parents and the children involved, there is a bunch of people getting sick then the parents should reconsider vaccines.

@963D2RY from Pennsylvania answered…13hrs

If the child is under 14 then the parent shall chose but if its over 14 then let the teen choose.

@963CNTD from Texas answered…14hrs

I don’t think is the governments business period- I do however believe if a parent wants their children to attend public/private school they do need to get all necessary vaccinations to keep other children safe from communicable diseases

@963BJNCRepublican from Texas answered…14hrs

Parent decisions or if a child is in government care then government my choices.

@96388T6 from Virginia answered…15hrs

I believe it should be highly encouraged, but forcing a vaccine on someone can be considered against our own constitution

@9637T2M from Michigan answered…15hrs

This should be up to the parents, and leave the ones that are required to stay in requirement

@9637MSV from Kansas answered…15hrs

Yes, but with exceptions for those who are allergic to certain vaccines

@9637488 from Michigan answered…16hrs

Obviously we should allow them to not get vaccines if they dont want their kids vaccinated, but maybe tell them what the impacts are if they dont get the vaccine.

@96362KQ from New York answered…16hrs

I think it depends on what the parents think and want their kids to do.


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