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No, the federal government does not have the authority to impose state and local taxes

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Yes, exempting online retailers from sales taxes is not fair to traditional stores

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@93VGSG4Socialistfrom Guam  answered…4wks

@93P2B69Independent from South Carolina answered…1mo

Sales tax should be part of the purchase cost paid to the state in which it was sold.

@93N38SZ from Washington answered…1mo

@939R7RL from California answered…2mos

How many yimes must governments tax the item from here to there, there to there, or there to here

@9399YKL from Indiana answered…2mos

@937XM23 from Illinois answered…2mos

@92VGYG9Libertarian from Virginia answered…3mos

No, eliminate the current tax system in favor of a single land tax.

@92VHJSK from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

We are already taxed to much. The government should be looking at ways to reduce the tax burden.

@92VCQL8 from Wyoming answered…3mos

No, but regardless, the states and federal government should reform to a flat tax.

@92T8B9R from Illinois answered…3mos

There should not be any system of tax or economy, instead, trade and barter should be the system of trade. Money creates division.

@92DFQTN from Delaware answered…4mos

Yes, and customers should pay sales tax to both the buyer's and seller's states

@92CYBP6from Guam  answered…4mos

No, and abolish all state sales taxes, and make it consistent with a single national sales tax

@927BZWM from Iowa answered…4mos

@925FFHSfrom Guam  answered…4mos

No, State Sales Taxes should be centralised under the Federal Government and set at single nation-wide rate

@HungryWolfy from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

@8ZZJFXR from Indiana answered…4mos

Yes, and customers should pay the sales tax from the seller’s state.

@8ZQXLGMRepublican from Georgia answered…5mos

The Federal government should remove the income tax and impose a national sales tax to collect income from the citizens and fund the government. A national sales tax removes this argument completely

@8ZNGM2Qfrom Virgin Islands  answered…5mos

@8ZMRH43 from California answered…5mos

@8ZMLY9W from North Carolina answered…5mos

No, the federal government should implement a national online sales tax and divide the revenue between states based on population.

@8ZHVQN2 from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

No, but there should be a federal sales tax on internet purchases that cross state lines.

@8Z6SMW2 from Indiana answered…6mos

@8YWDS5R from Washington answered…6mos

Only someone who benefits from the sales tax should pay. I don't use NYC welfare or roads. Why should I pay?

@8YVMXX9 from Maryland answered…6mos

No Way, the federal government does not have the authority to impose state and local taxes and customers should pay the sales tax from the seller’s state

@8XWMMJ5 from California answered…8mos

Create nominal VAT for online purchases from out of state purchases

@8XL4WLW from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

Yes, but each state decides this and, at the consumers state tax rate.

@8WTD8MC from Oklahoma answered…10mos

An entirely new federal sales tax should be imposed on the online retailer.

@8WT8WJH from Arizona answered…10mos

Customers should have to pay the tax of their own home state, not the sellers.

@8WKBB7M from Texas answered…10mos

@8LTVP6BIndependent from Michigan answered…2yrs

I don't really have any background information on this and I don't really understand it fully so I don't think that I should have an opinion on this yet.


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