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@sterdizAmerican Solidarity  from Utah commented…2yrs

If someone believes that marriage is a violation against God's will, you should respect their belief.

@9RZ5SDJWomen’s Equality from New Jersey commented…1yr

Yes but you should respect our beliefs too.

And I'm sure your god believes all life is equal...etc

I believe you are wrong and that I should marry whom ever I please

@9TDCHG7Constitution from Kansas disagreed…1yr

You are not a christian if you support abortion and the LGBT community.

@9TMLDZ8Socialist from North Carolina commented…1yr

honey I thought Jesus loves everyone including the lgbt community. even if he didn't, isn't the one rule that trumps them all "love thy neighbor"?

@9XV7P96Republican from Utah commented…8mos

He says to love them, but anywhere in the bible does it say that women can be with women and men with men? If so I am wrong. Find those verses.


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