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@5SKGDYLGreenfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Current banking regulations against this already discriminate against expatriate americans and give them an undue burden, especially if they do not intend on returning. America is the only major country that taxes world income by citizenship and not residency.

@B4Q6KZ4Independent from Virginia answered…6 days

No, but taxes should be cut so that people shouldn't feel like they need to have loopholes to keep their own money

@B4HG9RFDemocrat from California answered…3wks

Yes, though there should be additional measures to ensure transparency in those transactions to avoid tax evasion.

@B3RQ7WFPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Yes, as long as the income is reported and appropriate taxes paid.

@B3HTKZXConstitution from Alabama answered…2mos

yes. the government already spends too much and they keep increasing the tax rates. If a citizen wants to protect their money from being stolen by Uncle Sam and used for purposes that they don't agree with, then they should be able to.

@B3H5R4FWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…3mos

Yes they should if they go there a lot or travel there frequently

@ballard.122802Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, It is their money and they have the right to store it anywhere they like

@B38X7L8Libertarian from Missouri answered…3mos

@B38J3J9Democrat from Ohio answered…3mos

No, too many wealthy citizens are abusing loopholes to evade taxes. This should also go for corporations and business organizations

@B36FWD5Veteran from Illinois answered…3mos

Stopping or not allowing this type of investment is a form of censorship.

@B2YXRVNPeace and Freedom from California answered…3mos

Yes, but only with extensive monitoring and even greater repurcussions

@PerkiLlamaPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…3mos

@B2VJDJTConstitution from Michigan answered…4mos

No, but instead of banning it, tax them to the point they would lose money investing outside of the U.S to defeat the purpose of investing offshore.

@B2D5NMNLibertarian from Minnesota answered…4mos

Yes, however find current loopholes and crack down on tax evasion. If the common man must pay taxes, so much the rich man.

@5SM8KKYDemocratfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as offshore income is from money initially earned in the U.S. and not from labor or work overseas and is reported by both individuals and corporations - and appropriate taxes withheld.

@5SMKMW8Democratfrom North Carolina  answered…2yrs

No make this a capital offense punishable by total asset freeze, seizure and market blacklisting

@5SMNRX8Constitutionfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

Yes, because we can no longer trust our government to not confiscate or ovet tax our earnings.

@5SLYS54Constitutionfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

No. That money should be building up America and not other countries.

@5SLGN3GDemocratfrom Maryland  answered…2yrs

They can put it on the Moon for all I care. Set up US rules so "offshore" money flows into the
US economy. It's a global economy and we ought to track all investments - like the billions
in illegal drug, weapon and human trafficking trades. Tax that and use the vast sums to free the oppressed.

@5SK9C2SLibertarianfrom New York  answered…2yrs

If the money was generated here in the States I feel like it should remain in the States. But, if the owner of the money has dual citizenship, owns land in said country of account location. I imagine thats OK.

@9XGCK6RSocialist from Washington answered…9mos

Yes but only in places tied through citizenship and/or residency to the individual, not for abuse of tax brackets

@9ZR2G6BIndependentfrom Guam  answered…5mos

Yes, but eliminate all loopholes for both citizens and corporations associated with offshore accounts, and mandate the reporting of offshore income to prevent abuse and tax evasion.

@9ZDRJ3PDemocrat from Georgia answered…6mos

Yes, so long as when that money comes back into the US, it is taxed appropriately. Also, what a nightmare to regulate

@9Z8YTNFWorking Family from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, but only if they hold dual citizenship or own property in that country.

@9Z8N2RTIndependent from Virginia answered…6mos

Yes, but it should be taxed and incentives provided to invest domestically.

@9YST42GPeace and Freedom from Missouri answered…7mos

@9YSDPCRDemocrat from Ohio answered…7mos

yes and hold political officials more accountable for their own immoral actions

@9YR75XQLibertarian from Michigan answered…7mos

Yes, but I think if we make things more appealing in our nation, they will not need to invest overseas, and they will be more likely to invest in us instead.

@9X5BTWKPeace and Freedom from Iowa answered…9mos

Yes, as long as the amount is recorded, and doesn't exceed a certain value determined by your income.

@9S7RV9FVeteran from New York answered…1yr

@9RNKMR8Women’s Equality from Arkansas answered…1yr

Yes as long corporations, business organizations, and citizens report offshore income to prevent abuse and tax evasion

@9RJZWM7Constitution from New Mexico answered…1yr

@9R7ML7GConstitution from Michigan answered…1yr

Allow people to store money where ever they dam well please even if it is in a mattress for pete sakes.

@fisht2013Libertarian from New York answered…2yrs

Yes, but eliminate loopholes that allow using offshore accounts to evade taxes

@9QXCFKLConstitution from Michigan answered…2yrs

Yes, but the U.S. government should do what it can to incentivize its own people and foreigners to invest their money in the U.S.

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2yrs

there should be no monetary currency system and no private property.

@9RT7LRHDemocrat from Michigan disagreed…1yr

Really? I don't know if you rent or buy for shelter, but you wouldn't want your house being invaded would you?

@dchhunTranshumanist from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for money earned from foreign nations (like with dual-citizenship)

@9N9KN46Women’s Equality from New York answered…2yrs

No, if they are employed by businesses earning greater than $100 million annually

@9MVQF3LWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

yes, but private businesses and big corporations need to keep their money in the US only.

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…2yrs


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