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@4Y2P2HDConstitutionfrom Washington  answered…1yr

Absolutely not. This is asinine and comparable to suing a hammer maker because you smashed your thumb. Even if someone smashed someone elses thumb, on purpose. It is not the fault of the tool maker. It is the responsibility of each person to handle those tools appropriately. Decisions come with consequences. Use a tool for harm, and that person should deal with those consequences, not a company who made it.

Firearms dealers should only be dealt with legally if they sold someone a gun without going through the proper process.

@TScott_isbaeRepublican from South Carolina agreed…4mos

Well said, suing a gun manufacturer for gun violence is like someone blaming a fork for them being obese.

@9YN74Q2Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…5 days

No, because it's not their fault they're just the supplier after they sold that gun they have no idea what it is going on.

@9YGLCNBWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2wks

@9YGL9Z5Working Family from North Carolina answered…2wks

No they shouldn't be at risk but the firearm seller if they didn't do the right background checks and gave the person the firearm regardless they should lose their license and face jail time upwards to 5 years

@9YGDRCFDemocrat from Michigan answered…2wks

if they did a proper background check and made sure they paid and didn't act suspicious then the dealer and store should be fine against lawsuits

@9YGCFCYConstitution from Virginia answered…2wks

It is a constitutional right to sue, even I disagree with it

@9YFWKCDConstitution from Alaska answered…2wks

@9YFTP9MPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…2wks

yes depending on if the dealer has anthing directly to do with it or didnt properly do background checks

@9YFHPRVWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…2wks

@9YFB6NYTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…2wks

NO!!! what did the arms dealer do blame the jerk who shot you

@9Y5MXMBWomen’s Equality from Connecticut answered…4wks

Yes, any business or dealer that gave a gun to someone with a bad background and is young.

@AZDAR-ADELAPeace and Freedom from New Mexico answered…4wks

@9Y57463Women’s Equality from Florida answered…4wks

Yes, as long as the dealer is part of the crime and is proved guilty in court.

@9Y544Y8Republican from Texas answered…4wks

@9Y4V9QQWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…4wks

yes, if the person clearly was not able to be responsible with a weapon

@9Y4RYH9Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…4wks

They shouldn't sue and should sue because the gun dealer has no idea what he or she will do with the gun but from another perspective, the dealer should have made sure the gun license was real so it's kinda in the air.

@9Y4HFTNConstitution from Indiana answered…4wks

No, as the gun is not responsible for the violence, the person wielding the gun is.

@9Y4GH26Women’s Equality from Minnesota answered…4wks

No unless legally either party has committed a crime or transfers items illegally.

@9Y3V2SPIndependence from Florida answered…4wks

It depends on the kind of gun. For example if it's a gun that's used for war like a big one with a lot of power manufacturers are to blame as well as dealers. But dealers are especially responsible.

@9Y3N8CLWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…4wks

Depends on multiple factors with dealers, Manufacturers shouldn't be held whatsoever

@9Y3MWGRPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…4wks

No, because the user of a purchased firearm is more likely to be sued, not the manufacturer.

@9Y3MH5GTranshumanist from Nevada answered…4wks

@9Y3HTNQDemocrat from Ohio answered…4wks

That depends on how the dealer was selling, were they being responsible? Were they only thinking of money and selling to whoever for nothing but their own benefit? If every gun dealer was at the risk of being sued, even the innocents, why would they do it in the first place. why is all the systems around us so patchy?

@9Y3H85NConstitution from Ohio answered…4wks

@9Y3GWHDDemocrat from Nevada answered…4wks

@9GL4JW5Social Democraticfrom Maine  answered…1yr

No, because it's not the dealers fault for what the buyer does, say I go into a store and buy a can of coke, I then litter the can of coke, should the store be sued for what I have done? No, because its my choice and I should receive punishment for my own actions.

@9GL3T9WDemocratfrom Maine  answered…1yr

they schould sue the Government to not have enough restrictions and gun laws!!!

@9GKX3BPSocialist from California answered…1yr

Yes, but only if the dealers ignored the red flags from the buyer

@9GKVNZ2Women’s Equality from California answered…1yr

Yes, but only dealers and not manufacturers and only if the dealer is proven to not have done sufficient background checks.

@9GKR5LWLibertarian from Maryland answered…1yr

Only if it was because the dealers did not do a thorough background check

@9GKQMZ7Peace and Freedom from Arizona answered…1yr

No, unless purchase illegally. Or purchased from a private party then that person should also be considered due to selling it to a criminal

@9GKPZXZDemocrat from Illinois answered…1yr

No, unless dealer sold the gun without following proper procedure and/or the manufacturer made a faulty gun or didn't follow regulations

@9GKKDRMDemocrat from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, if they knowingly supplied guns to irresponsible parties without proof of significant investigation of the party.

@9GKJXVSIndependent from California answered…1yr

Yes if the gun was gotten without proper background checks and precautions

@9GKHK5SConstitution from Texas answered…1yr

Absolutely NOT! Are victims of drunk-driving allowed to sue alcohol manufacturers? If someone is texting while driving and they injure or kill someone, can the victims sue the phone manufacturer? Maybe I better quit and stop giving people ideas.

@9GKFVVRVeteran from New York answered…1yr

No, the gun manufacturers are not responsible for criminal actions that their products are used for. They produce the product but don't decide how it is used.

@9GJFSWPVeteran from Georgia answered…1yr

No because it's not the gun that commits the crime it's the person pulling the trigger.

@9GJ238BWorking Family from Tennessee answered…1yr

only if the dealers and manufacturers have a hand in the violence

@9GJCTHDAmerican Solidarity from Kansas answered…1yr

Yes and no. Manufactures shouldn’t be held accountable, but the dealers shoulder to an extent if they didn’t do a background check or anything on the person they sold to. It also depends on the situation

@9GJ9BW8Independent from Massachusetts answered…1yr

If they are negligent In their sale then they should be liable.

@9GJ7JG7Republican from Illinois answered…1yr

@9GJ2J52Democrat from California answered…1yr


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