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 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  disagreed…2wks

No, manufacturers and dealers should only be held liable for negligence

Can a victim of a hit and run sue Toyota?

Can a victim of stabbing sue Farberware?

Can a victim of choking sue California raisins?

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No, manufacturers and dealers should only be held liable for negligence

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  agreed…2wks

No, manufacturers and dealers should only be held liable for negligence

If it works, it works.

If a gun works as designed, the manufacturer should be cleared.

If a gun is sold to a valid applicant, the dealer should be cleared

If a gun is sold to a criminal and misfires, both should be held liable.

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Yes, any business should be held liable if the primary use of its product is for illegal activity

@93ZRL6SLibertarian from Utah disagreed…2mos

Wouldn't that become a blanket complaint against every product produced in this world? How would this only be applicable to gun manufacturing? The number of people purchasing with intent for illegal activity is a fringe market. This is not a question that is asked, nor would receive the correct answer, when purchasing the device.

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Yes, as long as the losing party pays all legal fees, it’s our constitutional right to sue anyone for any reason

@3WZMZGCfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

Absolutely not. This is asinine and comparable to suing a hammer maker because you smashed your thumb. Even if someone smashed someone elses thumb, on purpose. It is not the fault of the tool maker. It is the responsibility of each person to handle those tools appropriately. Decisions come with consequences. Use a tool for harm, and that person should deal with those consequences, not a company who made it.

Firearms dealers should only be dealt with legally if they sold someone a gun without going through the proper process.

@8TR6R8W from South Carolina agreed…1yr

Well said, suing a gun manufacturer for gun violence is like someone blaming a fork for them being obese.

@585VTVHfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

NO. Guns don't kill people; people kill people. If we start suing legally acting gun manufacturers and dealers, then we should also start suing knife makers and car makers, because people are routinely killed by those items also. Let's get reasonable, people; reserve your lawsuits for the entities who actually deserve them: the people who committed the violent act in the first place.

@3WZDVG7from Montana  answered…2yrs

Gun owners should be required to carry insurance for each weapon that they own to cover the liability resulting from loss of life or serious injury.

@3WX5M4Ffrom Utah  answered…2yrs

Yes, the constitution gives us the right to sue for any reason. It does not mean that the case should win in court but I would not prevent any one from suing for any reason.

@3WYQ5QXfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

No, but original owners should have some stake in allowing their firearm to go missing

@3WJ7SHSDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

No, but gun violence victims should be allowed to sue the NRA for blocking enforcement of our gun laws.

@3WKBWWQfrom North Carolina  answered…2yrs

No, the business that sold the firearm and manufacturer that produced the firearm did not use the firearm to harm the victim. The victim cannot hold the manufacturer accountable for the actions of a customer. That would be like a homeowner holding their contractor accountable for their child tripping down the stairs. It's ridiculous and wouldn't happen.

@3WL4RVBfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

No, firearms manufacturers have NO control over how gun owners use firearm - and should not be held liable for things outside of their control. (Just like a car manufacturer cannot stop those who buy their cars from driving drunk.)

Gun dealers should only be held liable if they illegally sell a firearm to someone who uses that firearm to commit a crime.

@963VPBHWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…1hr

It was the person’s choice but I think they should make it harder to get a gun

@963VCV2 from Kansas answered…2hrs

No, but they should sue the person who sold the gun not the company.

@963V7TG from Maryland answered…2hrs

I only believe that dealers and manufacturers should only be sued if there is evidence that a proper background check was not done.

@963T4NF from Georgia answered…4hrs

No, but firearms need to be restocked and dealers held responsible

@963QY6C from North Carolina answered…7hrs

They should only be allowed to sue to the person who committed the violent act.

@963PH5G from California answered…9hrs

@963M4SH from Mississippi answered…10hrs

There should be more requirements added to the process of purchasing a gun. If this were the case then yes retailers should be sued.

@963LWSL from New York answered…10hrs

A company should be held responsible if the gun is not properly manufactured. It is not the companies responsibility for how the customer uses it. The customer should understand gun safety before purchasing

@963LKVB from Illinois answered…10hrs

yes if the firearm was sold illegally, but if it was sold legally then no.

@963L489 from California answered…11hrs

yes but, only if they didn't follow the proper background check procedure

@963KJPN from Kentucky answered…11hrs

no, they should sue the government for allowing them a firearms licence

@963JL46 from Oregon answered…11hrs

Depending on the circumstances, whether how well or poorly the firearms dealers dealt with the product and giving it to customers.

@963HXK8 from Indiana answered…12hrs

Yes, a business (gun dealer) is liable to be sued depending on the use of its products. We are constitutionally allowed the right to sue who we wish to sue (within reason).

@963GVMP from Tennessee answered…12hrs

Yes, if the dealer did not do a thorough background check on the person to who they sold the gun.

@963CKRK from Alabama answered…13hrs

Yes, If the dealer and manufacturer has sold a firearm to someone without a permit.

@963CB5B from Michigan answered…14hrs

Sue the manufacturers only if the firearm was sold under illegal circumstance.

@963BJ3W from Alabama answered…14hrs

@963B865 from Tennessee answered…14hrs

Yes, but only for circumstances where the dealer didn't do a background check, an sold a firearm to a child.

@963B4BT from Texas answered…14hrs

@9639SJJ from Iowa answered…14hrs

@9639Q6W from Illinois answered…14hrs

That depends because you could be barley injured and taking someone out of bussiess so it depends on how hurt you were

@96395QNIndependent from Alabama answered…15hrs

@9638NJ5 from Texas answered…15hrs

@96385SK from Tennessee answered…15hrs

Yes, but only firearm dealers if they obviously ignorantly sold the firearm to the buyer

@9637R6GPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…15hrs

No. It isn't the manufacturer's fault. They are only doing their job. The victims should really sue the parents or guardians of the prosecuted.

@963589N from Virginia answered…15hrs

If you can't sue vaccine manufacturers why should you be able to sue gun manufacturers.


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