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@4Y2P2HDConstitutionfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

Absolutely not. This is asinine and comparable to suing a hammer maker because you smashed your thumb. Even if someone smashed someone elses thumb, on purpose. It is not the fault of the tool maker. It is the responsibility of each person to handle those tools appropriately. Decisions come with consequences. Use a tool for harm, and that person should deal with those consequences, not a company who made it.

Firearms dealers should only be dealt with legally if they sold someone a gun without going through the proper process.

@TScott_isbaeRepublican from South Carolina agreed…11mos

Well said, suing a gun manufacturer for gun violence is like someone blaming a fork for them being obese.

@B4KXJPMVeteran from Massachusetts answered…4hrs

No, it is the sole responsibility of the gun owner to handle his weapon wisely, manufactures and dealers have nothing to do with any violence that occurs.

@B4KTT3PDemocrat from Indiana answered…8hrs

Yes, have the dealers brief the buyers on the dangers of gun use and gun violence, and have manufacturers put a warning label on the product

@B4KR76GRepublican from Missouri answered…12hrs

I think they should only be sued if they find out the dealers didn't act precautionary when selling the abuser the gun.

@B4KJWHFConstitution from California answered…1 day

No, arms dealers and manufacturers are only responsible for selling and making the gun, not how it is used

@B4K3D5QSocialist from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, but only in cases where the dealer or manufacturer sold/produced the firearm illegally or without following proper procedures.

@B4JLXLWPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…4 days

Within legal standards. For example right now, legally, if a bartender sells a visible drunk drinks and they continue to serve, they (while I don’t necessarily agree) are able to be held liable

@bazellaPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…4 days

Its not the fault of the dealer or manufacturer if the shooter decides to commit a mass shooting, but a level of accountability should be held.

@9YRC9D5Justice party member from Wisconsin answered…7mos

I feel like it would depend on the depth the sealer did for a background check. I don´t think just anyone should be able to buy one without a background check

@9YRBJ3SPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…7mos

I do not think firearms dealers and manufacturers should be sued; however, they should pay for the medical bills of the victims due to their wide spread selling of firearms without many restrictions.

@9YR9VZ9American from North Carolina answered…7mos

@9YR69ZHPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…7mos

Yes only the dealers, but only if police find evidence of the dealers not properly checking information of the buyer

@9YR258DWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…7mos

Yes, but only if the dealer gave the gun to the shooter unlawfully

@9YQTV4KWorking Family from Georgia answered…7mos

No frickin suck it up noob, learn the matchup you got outplayed.

@9YQHFV2Transhumanist from California answered…7mos

No, unless the dealers didn't check that person's background.

@9YQG64QVeteran from Texas answered…7mos

No, because the manufacturers are not the problem it is the people behind the gun and shooting it, they just need to do better and follow the guidelines that are provided

@9YQ75ZNPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…7mos

Yes, but only the dealers who fail to do a background check

@9YPXZW7Women’s Equality from Texas answered…7mos

If the gun was sold with knowledge of intent, or without following the regulations already in plce the dealers should be sueable

@9YPTZPKPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…7mos

Maybe, It's not the dealer's fault that the victim was exposed to gun violence, but firearms dealers shouldn't sell to everyone,

@9YN8Q2TDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…7mos

yes, manufacturers and dealers should be held liable for negligence

@Erik-KountzmanWorking Family from Missouri answered…7mos

No, manufacturers and dealers must not be able to be sued due to someone that hurt someone with a gun.

@9YN4PF8Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…7mos

Yes, but only if the dealer/manufacturers sold it to someone without proper restrictions.

@9YN3Y6HGreen from New York answered…7mos

Yes, but only the person who sold the gun that the victim was harmed with.

@9YLBF5RDemocrat from Arizona answered…7mos

I’d say yes and no because it’s our right to be able to sue who ever we want for whatever reason. In this case tho I feel like it’s only justifiable if the the fire arm is defective as in doesn’t work, something is broken, or it causes any injuries and damages due to the fire arms defects.

@9YKQBZLWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…7mos

No, victims should sue those who commited the crime against them

@9YK9K3VWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…7mos

No, Because they have no control over how they are handled after the firearm leaves their store

@9YHW8BNDemocrat from Utah answered…7mos

@9YHVQMVAmerican from Washington answered…7mos

Guns don't make violence, people cause violence. Guns are made to defend never as an indulgence but we are not responsible for every screwed up person with out there. Everyone is responsible for themselves when it comes to guns.

@9YHVP5CDemocrat from California answered…7mos

They should be sued for selling the person the weapon. If they sold it when there was red flags in the selling point hey should have cancelled the purchase.

@9YHT7FDWomen’s Equality from Kentucky answered…7mos

Yes, but only if the dealers didn't follow specific procedures and restrictions.

@9YHF7Y7Socialist from Michigan answered…7mos

Only if the victim was assaulted directly by the manufacturing company (corporate military, corporate warfare)

@9YHDFXXLibertarian from Washington answered…7mos

Yes, if the weapon was purchased without following strict restrictions

@9YH5DTXSocialist from Colorado answered…7mos

no since it wasnt the company's fault the person was in gun violence

@9YH3KK7Constitution from Tennessee answered…7mos

No the gun doesn't have a brain, the person using it does. It aint the guns fault.

@9YH2V7DPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…7mos

@9YGYD7FRepublican from California answered…7mos

yes, but only if the person who sold the gun didnt check any backgrounds, ID or knew anything about the person, or if the person who sold the gun knew what he was planning.

@9YGWRQRRepublican from Ohio answered…7mos

No, because this is a fundamental problem revolving around our government. We should place the blame on lack of regulation. Rather than the person who gave the person the firearm.

@9YGW94WConstitution from New York answered…7mos

@9YGVGM5Veteran from Kansas answered…7mos

no because its not the manufactures fault that the person was gonna be violent with the gun, and its not like the manufacturer knew it was gonna happen.


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