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@B4LKKBVConstitution from Wisconsin answered…1 day

The government should fund PP but allow limited applications of the funds

@9HPSQ98Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

They should make more of the medical checkups available to the public at hospitals

@9HPR3PDWomen’s Equalityfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Abortions should be available but we should teach people protection more in school so less abortions are made.

@Alayna-SchooleyLibertarianfrom Montana  answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as funding is not used to preform abortion procedures. And as a non-profit government-funded organization, more should be looked into regarding their billing and spending prcosses.

@9HPKXHHWomen’s Equality from New York answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for procedures and situations involving rape victims.

@9HPKBCJTranshumanist from Kansas answered…2yrs

Yes, their services reach far beyond abortions and can save many lives through cancer screening, prenatal services, and adoption referrals. Plus in a rape situation you can't expect women to go through having that kid.

@9HNWM9JAmerican Solidarity from Illinois answered…2yrs

Depends on the situation, if a female gets rapped she should have the option of abortion

@9HNT7HKWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…2yrs

i dont like abortion unless the baby is already dead but sgouldnt stop bc everythingbelse thy do

@9HNRCD4Women’s Equality from Kansas answered…2yrs

Yes but only if the abortion actually threatens the mothers life.

@9HNP7MTPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2yrs

yes, but not for abortions without a valid excuse like osteogenesis in a baby, not just a mistake baby

@9HN594YWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Yes only if funding does not take a big percentage of their money.

@9HN2V6ZConstitution from Missouri answered…2yrs

yes, but the money can not be used for abortion because thats having the government pay for the murder

@9HMQNJXConstitution from Ohio answered…2yrs

yes they should continue to help aid them in medicine and therapy but eliminate abortion

@9HMDH3RDemocrat from Ohio answered…2yrs

No, because of the background of planned parenthood, but the government should continue to fund other abortion organizations.

@9HMC8FCWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes, but the organization should be heavily held to the non profit stance. All unused money should be returned to government annually.

@9HLYM3RConstitution from North Dakota answered…2yrs

@9HLK45NDemocrat from Washington answered…2yrs

Yes, but abortions and birth contraceptive services should happen in a different clinic than where their other services are

@9HLHQJCRepublican from California answered…2yrs

The government should not find planned parenthood but make it a state based decision only. A person has the right to do whatever they want with their body

@9HLGW7XRepublican from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, the govt should not pay for abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Govt should create better sex education in schools and try to promote women's contraceptives more in some way.

@9HLCZ7LDemocrat from California answered…2yrs

Yes they should keep funding it but they should oversee it more in detail.

@9HKXRHQGreen from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

Yes, but as long as the funding is not used for abortion. There are many couples that want to conceive and are not able to but in some religions, it's not biblical to put enzymes in another person's uterus. So people should have religious exceptions on funding certain things.

@9HKS878Women’s Equality from Vermont answered…2yrs

No, but the government should control health care costs in general and allow for abortions

@9HKRRWQRepublican from Virginia answered…2yrs

no I think it should be privately owned and operated by someone else, I don't want my tax dollars going towards organizations that I do not fully support

@9HKRM6FRepublican from Utah answered…2yrs

@9HKN6C7Constitution from Virginia answered…2yrs

Yes, but not for abortion purposes and should fund adoption, birth control, and education.

@9HKL3GGWomen’s Equality from New York answered…2yrs

Planned parenthood should be funded by the states, and abortion should not be illegal

@9HKJX66Women’s Equality from Indiana answered…2yrs

They should still fund planned parenthood, but I believe that they should donate money to abortions aswell because I am pro choice and I believe the women carrying that child should decide for herself what is best for herself and her family in the long run.

@9HKJMZXWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes!!! Abortion is seen as the only thing they do but they help prevent pregnancy altogether for those who want to be safe, they help with health issues (mental and physical) for younger people who’s families cannot afford those things as well as kids whose families refuse to support them!

@9HKDSQFConstitution from Minnesota answered…2yrs

@9HK6Q28Constitution from Colorado answered…2yrs

No, funding should stop for all organizations. Also, the government should ban abortions.

@9HK6KSJIndependent from California answered…2yrs

@9HK6D4BAmerican Solidarity from Ohio answered…2yrs

no, I believe abortions should be not allowed unless circumstances like rape

@9HJM9KTRepublican from Louisiana answered…2yrs

@9HJ5NZYConstitution from Virginia answered…2yrs

@9HHZ5GJWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…2yrs

Yes, their services reach far beyond abortions and can save many lives through cancer screening, prenatal services, and adoption referrals BUT I feel like people should ALWAYS use protection so they don't have to face abortion and there should be a limit on how many times you can get one!!!!

@9HHY5Y7American Solidarity from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

@9HHQJFVAmerican Solidarity from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, If someone does not want their child they can put the child up for adoption or put the child in a foster home. Its better than killing the child, because at least the child can live their life and maybe become successful one day.

@9HHGXJ5Women’s Equality from New Hampshire answered…2yrs

I am a male, I don't think males should get to choose or vote on laws or rules that are female specific.

@9HH3PLTWorking Family from Alabama answered…2yrs

Yes, among other choices like abortion, ONLY if its before first trimester and the father agrees

@9HH3N3BRepublican from Georgia answered…2yrs

as long as its for the right reasons and before a certain point in the pregnancy.


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