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@B4K4ZPZRepublican from Minnesota answered…4 days

yes, two years for men, and women who have not begun a family or who do not have religious exemption, can do one year to two years but not serve active combat roles. instead training and roles in things such as traffic duty, tech roles, nursing, etc. similar to the Israeli model to promote national pride, solidarity, unity, training in jobs and workmanship and order.

@B44H65RConstitution from Tennessee answered…1mo

No, but there should be a mandatory service period with a choice between military or civil service.

@B42RSGQSocialist from Texas answered…1mo

2 years of military service, as a paramedic, police officer or, as a firefighters

@B4HTRGQGreen from Wisconsin answered…1wk

No, unless if conscription of females and women is implemented along with the conscription of males and men. Unless of extreme international tension, military service should be completely voluntary. "The draft" can only be able activated if Congress approves of it.

@B4HQKPYConstitution from Kansas answered…1wk

No, and the selective service system should be eliminated and all individuals that have signed up should be given a stipend based on how long they were signed up prior to the program’s elimination.

@B4FCGQ2Republican from Maryland answered…2wks

Two years of either military, social service or civil construction in return for two years of community college tuition.

@B4CS3S7Independent from Oklahoma answered…3wks

@B4CJPWPConstitution from Washington answered…3wks

Military or Social Services (eg Red Cross, Volunteer firefighting, food bank etc)

@B49CM8PWorking Family from Washington answered…4wks

Every citizen should complete at least 1-2 years of public service, either through military service or other programs (i.e. Americorps, Red Cross, etc.)

@B47YYV2Independent from Arkansas answered…1mo

Yes, but only if the option for "stateside service" is given - along with options for skill set training.

@B47TKNTGreen from Michigan answered…1mo

Yes, so long as they have no physical or mental disabilities.

@B3SNKMBGreen from Iowa answered…2mos

Provide at least one year of military OR community service with a focus on education and skill development and with health screening

 Deleted answered…2mos

No, Milton claimed that Conscription is inadequate in capitalist countries

 Deleted answered…2mos

No. Fridman claimed that conscription contradicts capitalism

@Grace-FincoTranshumanist from Wisconsin answered…3mos

It might be beneficial to learn about self-defense techniques to reduce the need for guns for average civilians.

@B28C4RYIndependent from Indiana answered…4mos

Only if the government had an effective means of utilizing their time and could provide useful training.

@9RK2M36Democrat from New York answered…1yr

No, service should be a choice instead of an obligation but if the 18-year-old has some minor offenses military service in training and or skill development should be an option instead of prosecution or a consequence

@9RGLD9WPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1yr

No, but they should be required to do two years of paid public service.

@9RBYDPXConstitution from Washington answered…1yr

No, but provide it as an opportunity for those who are looking to become lazy and useless.

@9R5B7WBSocialist from California answered…1yr

@9R2FZ4ZWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

Instead, there should be a required 2 years of public service, not restricted to just military service

@9QZPW5TLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Mandatory school attendance should be from age 4-20 and the 21st year should be earmarked for military service, provided that combat roles be generally (barring imminent threat) reserved to being optional.

@9QFTT3ZProgressive from Virginia answered…2yrs

No, but the US should look into public service requirements, which also include education, medical care, etc

@9PXPGWJDemocrat from California answered…2yrs

Limited military OR volunteerism in other ways is a good idea with some kind of bonus incentive so opt outs don't get priority whatever, reduced student loan interest, etc. Tie the service to a benefit.

@9PKPF94Veteran from Washington answered…2yrs

@4NP4XPLGreenfrom California  answered…2yrs

No, but there should be non-military service opportunities available and incentivized to young people. Sending young people into an overseas conflict shouldn't be the only way for a government to help people get out of poverty and serve their country.

@9NVWRD3Constitution from New Mexico answered…2yrs

2 years of military OR civil services (federal,state, and city departments) or 4 years in trade for less than 36 months of jail/prison time, but offer withdraw if they commit any crimes during that time.

@4NP4FSXDemocratfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

Yes, for those building a criminal record as well as those who do not pursue employment or further education

@9NSHTZJDemocrat from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Every 18 year old citizen and permanent resident should be required to provide 12-18 months of military OR civilian service.

@9NMV6MGWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2yrs

All Americans should be required to provide at least one year of service, but it doesn't have to be just in the military

@9NM7ZL7Working Family from South Dakota answered…2yrs

No, service should be a choice instead of an obligation, unless it is a time of conflict, war, need, etc.

@9NL2568Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

People should be payed more in the military, but it should be a choice.

@4NQ3ST6Democratfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

@9MV4CP3Socialist from Rhode Island answered…2yrs

No but military service should replace prison sentences in some instances

@9MQJ8HJAmerican Solidarity from West Virginia answered…2yrs

No, only during wartime and if the person has no physical or mental disability to prevent them from serving

@9MM6BCNWorking Family from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes but with accommodations to peoples lives. It shouldn’t be a chore or to physically demanding on those who can’t take it and the treatment of those under the military training should be treated with respect and providing education to support the country not breaking them down and preparing for war

@9MKSG3MWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…2yrs

No, but every 18 year old citizen should be required to partake in at least one year of public service; be it military, police, hospital or volunteer work

@9MJV9T3Democrat from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Every 18 year old should be required to provide one year of military service or public service (government-run daycares or elderly care facilities, etc)

@9MG8D29Working Family from Texas answered…2yrs

People should be required to serve at least one year but it should be for those who don't have any further plans and or for those who are being reformed into society, go through training.

@9MFNXJ8Democrat from Florida answered…2yrs

Yes, but service could also be with expanded humanitarian agencies (ex. Peace Corps)

@9MCQYTQWomen’s Equality from New York answered…2yrs

Every 18 year old should have to volunteer one year to a govt agency which could be any division, not just military

@Andrew-Turcsansk…Libertarian from Utah answered…2yrs

@9M9QY64Libertarian from Maine answered…2yrs

No, but require a certain amount of community service hours as a part of the selective service in order to vote.

@9LZ26ZMDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…2yrs


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