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@5DVLBZWfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

Our government literally runs a counterfeiting ring, and has no legal or moral authority to say what we use in trade. It needs to instead restore its own constitutional monetary policy, and stop monetizing debt through the Federal Reserve System.

@5BY6HBZfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No. Bitcoin is primarily used as currency on the "Dark Web" in which many illegal goods and services are provided. I refuse to support anything that will benefit these horrific activities in any way.

@4YQWZCFfrom Minnesota  answered…2yrs

No, but paper money should be removed and the USD be completely digital.

@4YKVBHWfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@8TJZFHPfrom California  answered…1yr

@8SGKX7Yfrom Maryland  answered…1yr

@3ML4GPZfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

Absolutely, no questions asked, Bitcoin is one of the most useful internet currencies on the planet.

@3ML4GHNfrom New Hampshire  answered…2yrs

Yes, because it would allow the government to regulate the currency and track where it is used.

@3MPY3SRfrom California  answered…2yrs

No currency should be used that isn't fully backed by a material that can't be made or destroyed gold silver...

@3MQGGX5from Michigan  answered…2yrs

It is a highly complex form of currency. Too much is not yet known. The main appeal leading to its success is that it's unmanageable, making it preference for many criminals, especially international ones.

@3MR5J9Hfrom Alabama  answered…2yrs

@3MQ89Y9from Washington  answered…2yrs

Capitalism and money should be abolished. The fantasy mythology of "property" should be abolished. Possession and Property are never the same thing, and it's time to move away from the mythology of Property.

@3MKH9M7from Tennessee  answered…2yrs

Using bitcoin as a legal currency would keep a federal government from introducing new "currency" into the market. This could help prevent inflation but since it is a virtual currency there is no intrinsic value. There could be larger issues in terms of fraud with bitcoins, but if properly secured could prove to be pretty useful.

@3ML57WQfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

The government should not be involved in private business. If people want to use a currency different than the illegal federal dollar then they should be able to. The only currency should be gold or silver anyway.

@8M5NPPT from Florida answered…2yrs

@8LYV3LF from Missouri answered…2yrs

@8LMC84F from Michigan answered…2yrs

@8LK9X8F from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

No, but only because it doesn't matter to bitcoin users either way

@8LG9WPJIndependent from Maryland answered…2yrs

Yes, but it should not replace our national treasury-backed currency, should be regulated before it's out of control. If Bitcoin is classified as a legal currency then the government can regulate and tax it.

@8L2DQDJ from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@8LBLW2N from California answered…2yrs

@civilsmittyfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

@8L7MYRLIndependent from Michigan answered…2yrs

@8KZZF8Z from Maryland answered…2yrs

No, it should not classify anything as legal currency, but rather should allow the market to decide which media of exchange are most useful in trade

@8KZX4NM from Minnesota answered…2yrs

@Klb514 from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

@8KX6FMB from Florida answered…2yrs

@8KNXF8M from Kansas answered…2yrs

Bitcoin mining and trading should be severely discouraged on all scales, and large scale bitcoin mining operations should be illegal due to bitcoin's contribution to global warming.

@8KKY94P from Illinois answered…2yrs

No, and abolish bitcoin mining as the energy costs involved are equivalent to the energy costs of the entirety Australia

@8KK9QRYIndependent from New Hampshire answered…2yrs

Yes, but it should not replace our national treasury-backed currency, it should be taxed, and continuously monitored for the high risk of criminal activity especially on the dark web.

@aadamsnum6 from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes, but it should not be treated as income, nor should it be taxed

@8KHKS2G from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

@8K9YN79Green from Maryland answered…2yrs

Depending on what you are using it for, most of the time bitcoin is used in the black market.

@8K3YL52 from South Carolina answered…2yrs

It could possibly, but we already have a legal currency. bitcoin is more like a old currency, but it could be possibly, but it shouldn't replace the current currency we have in circulation, but it could be like a secondary legal currency.

@8K3LTZ4 from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

The government should not be involved in regulating alternative forms of trade, currency, or money.


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