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@9WNVWWRLibertarianfrom New York  answered…10mos

More government oversight to keep prices low and more privatization

@9MVCKC6Conservativefrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

Transform it into the Singapore Model. Mandate that all citizens set aside funds to purchase their own stake within the Healthcare System.

@9H4VFQ3Conservativefrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…5yrs

Less, and there should be no privatization of the healthcare industry

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@B4GYCSSGreenfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Less, and there should be no privatization of the healthcare industry and the government should provide more funding

@B3RL7ZTChristian Heritage answered…2mos

I think there should be a minimum standard and privatization for those that prefer it.

@B3Q5PR7Institutional Revolutionary Partyfrom West Virginia  answered…2mos

More, with a clear emphasis on competition for the purposes of increasing quality and decreasing costs.

@B3F9PZ4Independentfrom Massachusetts  answered…2mos

@9WX98SFLiberalfrom New York  answered…9mos

Add a private, parallel system for those who have the ability to pay for better care, but keep the public system as a floor for those who cannot afford private healthcare

@9WQG3XDLikudfrom Virgin Islands  answered…9mos

More. Keep the single payer system, but allow more private health providers in hospitcals & clinics.

@9WF9J47People’s Partyfrom California  answered…10mos

@9W7WDWHRhinocerosfrom Florida  answered…10mos

The government should provide sustainable and affordable healthcare to their citizens. This should cover the most basic needs with covering the extreme cases without having the government go broke. Taxing the rich by an insane amount is not a logical solution, lowering the cost of medical expenses is. If soneone wants to pay more to have better coverage over their health, then they should be able to reach out to private institutions.

@9VRZCSMBharatiya Janata Partyfrom Connecticut  answered…11mos

More, but some amount of government intervention and regulation should be involved to prevent corruption.

@9VKD4LNEn Marche!from Indiana  answered…12mos

@9VK6JM6Independentfrom Indiana  answered…12mos

@9VCDMMCConservativefrom Georgia  answered…1yr

Canada prides itself on our health care system we do need improvements in services the wait is far to long .We should have the ability if needed to pay for extra services examples MIR etc in private facilities as well as what is offered in the present system this would take some of the load off the hospitals but these systems should not be able to gouge there should be caps on what can be charges so that all can afford

@9VC4BN7New Democraticfrom California  answered…1yr

I think there should be a little more privation but you don’t have to make the whole entire health system private because if I broke my ankle and I’m bleeding then I don’t want to wait for 2 hours to fix my ankle

@9V4N59RConservativefrom Virginia  answered…1yr

@9TXB4SQLiberal Democratfrom California  answered…1yr

If there is a correlation between the cost of the treatment and the quality of treatment then yes, if not, no. Otherwise, if people want better quality services in hospitals, then there is nothing wrong with paying more, even if it means the same quality treatment and testing.

@9TTY2VVThe Jewish Homefrom Missouri  answered…1yr

All towns city's should have a nearby hospital with free healthcare

@9S2P644Conservativefrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9RYT48JConservativefrom Virginia  answered…1yr

More privatized hospitals, and in increase to government spending for public hospitals

@9RXXPPCLabor Partyfrom Missouri  answered…1yr

@9RTL4FZThe Republicansfrom Missouri  answered…1yr

I think that we are fine but better healthcare should cost more but over all i think healthcare should cost less.

i feel like everyone should be getting the medical help they deserve and not have to worry about money or like they dont deserve it

@9QKKKSHBharatiya Janata Partyfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

More privatization but establish government surveillance on facilities and set up auctions for the most competent private companies.

@9H67WLLLiberalfrom Minnesota  answered…2yrs

Less, the government should privatize the insurance companies, but not the hospitals themselves.


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