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@derrick_the_mpWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…6mos

Depends on what they were put on the No-fly list for and I believe the nofly list should be improved for accuracy and includes due process.

@B49HH9SGreen from Georgia answered…1mo

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, but the no-fly list screening process should be improved for accuracy and includes due process, but if the government considers you too dangerous to board a plane you should not be able to buy a gun.

@B47K22FConstitution from Iowa answered…1mo

@B3YTFJVConstitution from Mississippi answered…2mos

No, exchanging rights for privileges is the way to communism. Furthermore, the "do not fly" list has already been used as harassment and leverage against citizens and foreigners

@B3WKN8JSocialist from Colorado answered…2mos

@B36X8Q6Women’s Equality from Nevada answered…3mos

Yes, and additionally, the no-fly list should include due process and have the screening process improved for accuracy.

@B2VS7DGSocialist from Texas answered…3mos

Only if they are on the list for threatening violence while in a clear sense of mind, not impaired by any mind effecting substances

@B2TV4YSVeteran from North Carolina answered…3mos

I say that unless they have reasonable suspicion that these people are terrorists then they still have a constitutional right

@9ZL8BCSWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…5mos

Yes, if there is even a shadow of a doubt that something could harm the populous, there should be some regulation to ratify that problem until it's over

@9ZCXPQHWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…6mos

No, just ensure that there is carful consideration as to why they are on the no fly list.

@9YT5WKZDemocrat from Arizona answered…7mos

No, they shouldn't be banned but they should be restricted from purchasing fire arms and ammo until they have proved that they are responsible and careful to handle firearms. Previous records should be checked for any criminal records or serious events such as mental health issues.

@9YS7DR3Democrat from Maryland answered…7mos

@9YJL74SRepublican from Delaware answered…7mos

@9YHRPCMTranshumanist from Florida answered…8mos

@9YC9PJ6Constitution from Michigan answered…8mos

You could be put on the no-fly list for any reason, no matter how illogical. Due process remains supreme here.

@9Y2V5YBDemocrat from Texas answered…8mos

Absolutely. No flying no buying. There has got to be a limit on what's considered as a violation of rights.

@698S2GZRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

The Constitution is for our protection..not for the protection of suspected terrorists. If someone is on the "no fly" list... they need to prove themselves innocent/safe. I agree this sounds like it is against "innocent until proven guilty" but do we want innocent until you kill 200 people ?

@9HRZT4TVeteran from South Carolina answered…2yrs

there are people on the no-fly list for reasons that would not preclude them from being reasonable gun owners. yes a lot of the reasons are certainly good reasons for keeping an individual from owning a gun but you can't throw individuals out for the collective. what is the reason they were put on the No-fly list is that reason to not let them have a gun. don't let them have a gun then. if it isn't though they should still be allowed to have a gun .

@9XY3C56Libertarian from Virginia answered…8mos

There should be no such thing as a "No fly" list. Private transportation entities should be responsible for ensuring the security of their passengers.

@9ZXF9VXPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…5mos

No, and drastically reduce the reasons one can be put on the no fly list.

@B2D5NMNLibertarian from Minnesota answered…4mos

No, however if there is undeniable proof the individual is a violent offender, then they should not be able to purchase a firearm.

@9HDMV6TVeteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, the no-fly list needs to be reorganized into more than one list, where those who are an extreme danger to the plane and would attempt to hijack and crash it fall under a different label than those who simply are under financial investigation for fraud. Those who fall under the first category should be banned, the other, not.

@9HC2NQTPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2yrs

@9H8P5B2Progressive from Illinois answered…2yrs

No, because some of us were put on there accidentally as a child.

@9H5GJLMConstitution from Tennessee answered…2yrs

No because what's stopping the government from labeling anyone on the no fly list

@emmaleeantWomen’s Equality from Alabama answered…2yrs

No, the no-fly list is not perfect, e.g. different people with the same name

@9FXZDC6Republican from Florida answered…2yrs

Yes but only if there is a method to be reviewed and removed from the no-fly list for those cases where someone is flagged incorrectly.

@9FVQJJVWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…2yrs

If they are on the “no-fly list” they should have due process decided if there place on the list and there request to receive a gun is valid and does not endanger anyone.

@9FDV39HVeteran from Kentucky answered…2yrs

No. The federal government should have no power to tell someone what kind of firearms they may or may not purchase. Discretion should be given to local lawmakers and firearms dealers.

@9FBHNVVTranshumanist from Florida answered…2yrs

Depends on why you are band from flying. If there was violence or a terrorist threat then you shouldn't be able to get ammo or a gun. Now if you had a issue that involves you needing a service animal and your service animal was denied access to you and you ended up with anxiety attacks and they band you then you should be able to buy a gun as long as you are mentally stable.

@9F8L8R3Green from Maryland answered…2yrs

No, the no-fly list should be banned, as it is does not have due process.

@9XTMB85Republican from Illinois answered…8mos

It depends on the situation on why they are on the no fly list.

@9XT8PRDPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…8mos

@9XLJP4GPeace and Freedom from California answered…9mos

No, but they should be subject to significantly more restrictions

@9XHBYZ5Constitution from Tennessee answered…9mos

No, it depends on the severity of the reason they are on the no fly list for.

@9TG8STJWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Only until a no-fly list screening process is improved for accuracy and includes due process and it's beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person is too dangerous.

@9T28BJBWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they have been charged and found guilty of a felony in federal court. The no-fly list itself shouldn't be the sole or primary determining factor

@9SLFRXZWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

No, not unless their reason from being banned would be constituted as criminal/ seriously dangerous

@9SKTSTCDemocrat from Illinois answered…1yr

No, and the no-fly list must be improved for accuracy and to include due process.

@9S59BMXIndependent from Connecticut answered…1yr

The no fly lacks due process and needs major reform before this rule can be implemented

@9R7MGW6Transhumanist from Minnesota answered…1yr


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