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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, the government should never require the diversity of private businesses

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, and the government should do more to require diversity in the workplace

@92RB63W from Kentucky answered…5mos

Hire the most qualified candidates, but have blind interviews or blind applications. Remove any indication of biases such as name, race, gender. relevant experience and qualifications on a resume are all that should be required. When people say “hire the most qualified candidate” it’s a dog whistle that usually means, “don’t change the way applications and interviews are done because then it won’t inherently benefit the white male like me.”

@54MDY26from Illinois  answered…2yrs

@erikb9from New York  answered…2yrs

No. Let them choose the gender mix (or lack thereof), let them reveal the degree of commitment to diversity, so that potential customers and clients can choose whether or not to do business with them accordingly.

@5BHYRNZfrom California  answered…2yrs

Only men should be allowed as board members.

@8PCT9HB  from Washington commented…2yrs

Where is the argument here? Studies have shown women and men being near identical in levels of intelligence, and women are able to accomplish just as much as men are. Don't try to "discuss" a topic you clearly haven't educated yourself on with zero back up argument or evidence.


@964CWLDfrom Texas  answered…9hrs

No, the board of directors should be elected by the workers, and it's up to them how many women they put in it

@9642PXF from Utah answered…1 day

Too many people on the left claim that we on the right are somehow sexist. Let me disprove that. Per Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s logic, I believe that if someone is qualified for the job, then the job should be theirs, regardless of gender. The ones who are actually sexist are the ones who decided to make gender an issue in the first place!

@963L96SSocialist from Kentucky answered…2 days

@963CKC9 from Alabama answered…2 days

The most qualified members should be chosen by non-partisan groups that can fairly judge.

@963B8RCWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…2 days

@9625TZH from Virginia answered…3 days

If women want to be on their board of directors then they can, I wouldn't say it should be required because it makes it sound like they have to be on the board of directors, when they don't to be.

@96258QY from Indiana answered…3 days

Yes if qualified and they should seek out females who are qualified

@96236CTDemocrat from Texas answered…3 days

No, but there should be an incentive. So for example, project awards may have a scoring matrix that includes diversity metrics

@95ZYZ9W from Illinois answered…3 days

Businesses should be in the shape of a meritocracy, and their employee diversity should not be based simply off of their identities but rather their abilities and qualifications.

@95Z94D9 from Nevada answered…4 days

No, the board of directors should be made up of elected workers of the company.

@95ZPBSD from North Carolina answered…4 days

yes, but only if businesses have women as part of their workforce in the first place

@95ZJVFWSocialist from Florida answered…4 days

how would one force this? this one is impractical. should they have them? yes. but how do you make that?

@95YWVTB from Texas answered…4 days

They can have anybody they want, no matter what their race, or gender is.

@95YTPKB from Washington answered…4 days

The person best for the job should get the job regardless of race or gender

@95XQV3L from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

I would say no they should not be required to, but they should look into hiring qualified female candidates.

@95XQB9F from Florida answered…6 days

No but business should try to broaden perspectives and various people and views

@95XPFFSCommunist from Missouri answered…6 days

I think all boards of directors should be outlawed and replaced by direct employee ownership

@95XKM2K from Oklahoma answered…6 days

The gender should not matter. If someone earned their way to be on the board of directors, it should never matter what their gender, ethnicity, religion, etc., is. Everyone that desires to be given a chance if they are attempting to be on the board of directors. Women, men, and all colored people should not be added to the board just because of what their gender identity or physical characteristics are.

@95XHW7S from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

It shouldnt be required but it should be respected if that women deserves that spot give it to her.

@95XGP6J from Iowa answered…6 days

Sexual inequality cant be solved through government intervention, it requires cultural change.

@95XDPS9 from California answered…6 days

There are many qualified women in the working world, it shouldnt be hard to find one. But there shouldnt be a quota just to have 'diversity' thats stupid and companies should already be hiring a diverse scope of people. If the board is just a large collection of old white dudes then they should go look for new hires .

@95X6STR from Texas answered…6 days

Yes, but only if they have the same level of qualities in their resume

@95WQXSZfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…6 days

@95WQQXVDemocrat from California answered…6 days

@95WQF23 from New York answered…6 days

Create a society where different perspectives are respected and coveted for the best outcome.

@95WM3VD from Texas answered…7 days

I think businesses should have women on their board of directors because the women are qualified and not because they are trying to get more women on the board.

@95VJSZF from Maryland answered…1wk

No, don't force quotas but in general penalize businesses which consistently discriminate against women

@95THST6 from Wisconsin answered…1wk

No, board member should be the most qualified, but must take unconscious bias training, and the people hiring to those positions need to be independent, and the resume review not include names/birthdates

@95T9G9H from California answered…1wk

Yes, but only if they are qualified for the position. It shouldn't be given only because of a gender.

@95T982XProgressive from Wisconsin answered…1wk

Yes, if they are qualified. More effort should be taken to diversify board of directors.

@95T65FQ from Utah answered…1wk

A rare instance of my supporting Vice President Kamala Harris' plan: put the legal burden on businesses to demonstrate nondiscriminatory practices in hiring, pay, promotions, etc.

@95T3LZDfrom Connecticut  answered…1wk

While the option, “No, board members should be the most qualified regardless of gender” sounds good in theory; in practice, this doesn’t hold true. Thus, action is required despite the goal being no action required

@95SJGZCfrom Florida  answered…1wk

The government should help to make a more equitable society where women have the option to serve in higher level positions easier.

@95RMD9Ffrom New York  answered…1wk

@95RLF94 from Washington answered…1wk

No, but businesses should be mandated to treat all genders equally so women have equal opportunities to be on the board of directors.

@95RDSZ4 from California answered…1wk


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