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@9YNCMWLDemocrat from New York answered…5 days

@9YNC6BHLibertarian from Texas answered…5 days

Increase and decrease depending on what the military is doing

@9YP2HBXSocialist from Washington answered…2 days

@9YNNKZFTranshumanistfrom Michigan  answered…4 days

More funds should be relocated to help veterans with reintegration into civilian life.

@9YMP8NMTranshumanist from Michigan answered…6 days

@9YMNKC8Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…6 days

I think that the government should not decrease spending but instead increase spending for things that are heavily armed or armored for getting troops who are stuck behind enemy lines out of the battlefield as to being rescue vehicles and that only.

@9YM6LZ7Socialist from New Jersey answered…1wk

Decrease, cut all military spending to 100 Billion dollars. This should be part of the funding used to fund a UBI.

@9YM39L8Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

@9YLJK2PGreen from Washington answered…1wk

the government should work on spending less money to our country's military. the amount of debt we are in keeps going up and our military is already powerful enough. we as a nation/ country have a very high/ strong military already.

@9YLCGTCRepublican from Iowa answered…1wk

decrease it but then if we get in a situation were more military funding is needed then increase it

@9YL9WWBConstitution from Iowa answered…1wk

we should refocus our military spending on more important things than wepons.

@9LV3B29Women’s Equality from Arkansas answered…1yr

They need to make sure that the military is equipped with the best weapons, and resources so that the military is at its best.

@9LTWZ5XGreen from Indiana answered…1yr

Decrease by a bit and in my opinion give some more to NASA there getting us to new frontiers.

@9LTVZ5MWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…1yr

@9LT9B4KPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…1yr

@9LT53W4Republican from Florida answered…1yr

The current amount of spending is good, it should only be increased during war time and conflict.

@9LT3RGWWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…1yr

Military in the us should be a big deal and people should wanna maintain our military

@9LT2SY4Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…1yr

To increase the funding of the military, the government should remove taxation on all service members. That alone would be a massive pay-raise.

@9LT2FXBWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1yr

@9LSJW76Women’s Equality from VI answered…1yr

Decrease, and use the spare money towards public schools, homeless shelters, and food banks

@9LSF5RTDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

Not a binary choice. But we have other priorities too. Example defense spending for fat/pork.

@9LSBYQ7Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…1yr

I believe that we should focus on building more defensive branches of the military

@9LS43VRDemocrat from Virginia answered…1yr

@9LRZMQXConstitution from Kentucky answered…1yr

@9LR6M9LWorking Family from Kansas answered…1yr

The amount of Government spending has put us so far into deficit that we may never come out of it so spending more on the military along with the normal that is being spent everywhere else would be unnecessary.

@9LQRQJNIndependent from Washington answered…1yr

Decrease, but not the pay of service members just the military industrial complex.

@9LQQZ3FIndependent from Florida answered…1yr

Decreased funding while adding accountability would likely result in a net increase.

@9LQLL2ZDemocrat from California answered…1yr

@9LQH7YRWorking Familyfrom Washington  answered…1yr

@9LQC22GLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Decreased spending of foreign military, increase protecting country on our soil

@9LQ9LWGIndependent from North Carolina answered…1yr

I would like to be more efficient with our spending and then potentially decrease

@9LQ2B35Democrat from Arkansas answered…1yr

The military uses products that are overpriced. If there is an increase it should go to funding personnel, as in paying people more.

@9LPMWYVTranshumanist from Texas answered…1yr

Decrease, roll back our military's presence in some countries and reprioritize our current spending

@Tyrone-JohnsonDemocrat from North Carolina answered…1yr

@9LPGGV5Republican from Wyoming answered…1yr

The government should spend money based on the current needs of the military.

@9LP7ZTDLibertarian from Texas answered…1yr

Whatever cost is necessary to make a more defensive rather than offend military


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