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@B469CLVTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1 day

Neither, but with a stronger focus on Scientific and Medical research.

@B45FZDXWomen’s Equality from California answered…2 days

@B45F2PFPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…2 days

@B43RHMGPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…4 days

Only if it's necessary if the current budget is fine then it should stay the same.

@B43P435Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

Increase, but only when the military is absolutely needed in war or other situations. Other than that, keep it the same.

@B43M3GYSocialist from Indiana answered…4 days

it should either stay the same or increase if we have a good innovation

@B4398RRTranshumanist from Kentucky answered…5 days

Decrease by getting better pricing with defense contractors. We are being ripped off. We can get as much or more for less money.

@B42YRCDDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

Only if it goes toward support and benefits for current military and vets

@B42F5TWDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…6 days

Streamline current spending, then add or take away surplus budget as needed.

@B422ZC2Constitution from Oregon answered…6 days

if we were to increase spending they first we need to lower are debt. then we could increase spending

@B3ZN5QMConstitution from Oregon answered…7 days

Decrease, apparently we have so much spare military assets we can afford to give away billions to other nations. Executive, Congressional and Senate representation should represent the American People.

@B3YMPH7Women’s Equality from California answered…1wk

We should only increase if the military finds less costly ways to make our machinery and weapons while also allowing for more safeguards and help for the soldiers themselves

@B3YFRG4Democrat from Texas answered…1wk

@B3YFKD8Transhumanist from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Neither for now, but it should be used in a better way that allows for the decerasing.

@B3XPL5PRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Decrease our military obligations around the globe then decrease military spending

@B3X7XZTVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

Decrease, by removing the corrupt officials from office and the military, cost will go down.

@B3RXJ37Democrat from Kansas answered…2wks

Decrease to a level that would still keep America established as the strongest military

@B3RDDT4Women’s Equality from Texas answered…2wks

Decrease as long as that money goes into funding other issues in the United States

@B3QR4Q8Democrat from Illinois answered…3wks

service members should be paid more, but there is no need to spend billions of dollars on equipment every year.

@B3Q5M99Democrat from Arkansas answered…3wks

Decrease and fund in other areas where it is more urgently needed

@B3Q5JG2Constitution from California answered…3wks

@B3PWXZ5Progressive from Wisconsin answered…3wks

Inact mandatory military service for all citizens ages 18-23. This should reduce spending on recruiting and ensure retainment and possibly increase retention.

@B3PVYKFAmerican from Wyoming answered…3wks

decrease, but only referring to how much we are giving out. We should be spending more on our protection than to those we are not in alliance with.

@B3P68WGSocialist from Wisconsin answered…3wks

Change how the money is being spent. We don't take care of our solders and spend most of the money on weapons we don't need.

@B3NLHBGSocialist from Nebraska answered…3wks

@B3N6N8RAmerican from Michigan answered…3wks

@B3N6LPBTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…3wks

Neither, overthrow the military industrial complex to reduce waste.

@B3MSKKZDemocrat from Virginia answered…3wks

Streamline and get rid of wasteful spending. Determine what the military really needs and find out what's most cost efficient.

@B3MNXWLConstitution from Illinois answered…3wks

Yes, but geared towards those serving. 2.7% annual pay raise while inflation is over 8%

@Becuz-TherisjkLibertarian from Oregon answered…3wks

Increase but with more accountability for where our military, arms, tanks and supplies end up

@B3M9MGCVeteranfrom Guam  answered…3wks

The government should increase the military spending and the army should be in the best possible way, but given the economic situation of the country.

@B3M5JXRWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…3wks

Military spending should only be increased if it necessary, Otherwise, there are more important things that need to be taken care of.

@B3L8K8TDemocrat from Florida answered…3wks

@B3KN78LDemocrat from Iowa answered…4wks

Increase Research and development, but lower other defense spending.

@B3KKC8CAmerican Solidarity from Kentucky answered…4wks

@B3K35RSDemocrat from Delaware answered…4wks

I think we're spending too much money on the military when we aren't currently in war and should be spending that money for more current necesaties.


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