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@B4JJFG3Democrat from Nevada answered…6 days

@B4HMDLNTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1wk

@B4HG9RFDemocrat from California answered…1wk

Yes, though they may continue to retake it indefinitely without penalty.

@B4F9CYHDemocrat from North Dakota answered…2wks

Yes, and also require the same test for all citizens before being allowed to vote.

@B3F7S9CDemocrat from Mississippi answered…2mos

Yes, but only to demonstrate fluency in our country's language

@B3F3CZBPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…2mos

Yes, and citizens should also be able to pass the test in order to be given the ability to vote.

@B4C7DGYDemocrat from Illinois answered…3wks

@B4BKZQ8Republicanfrom Maine  answered…4wks

Pass a language test, yes. History and government tests should not be required

@B49RB5NDemocrat from Texas answered…4wks

In order to become citizens, yes. Frankly, I think citizens should have to pass this test to vote.

@B48WCBMDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Immigrants should have knowledge about how our government works at a basic level of understanding. There’s no need for a historical part of the test.

@pblannanGreen from Texas answered…1mo

If they want to apply for citizenship, yes. But not every immigrant is applying to become a US citizen.

@B3YXH8XDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes but so should voters, as long as the rest is offered in all languages, untimed and offered with accessibility accommodations.

@logansmith525Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…2mos

No, I believe immigrants shouldn't have to understand our history or language in order for citizenship, just understand the laws.

 @B3TL9WXWorking Familyfrom Vermont  answered…2mos

Yes, but at least give the immigrants some free education in order to give them a fair chance of passing the citizenship test.

@B3CXPWPGreen from Texas answered…2mos

No, but I would make English the official language of the United States. We are a Nation of people.

@B372H73Democrat from California answered…3mos

If they are trying to become a citizen yes, if not then no.

@B2VFXQQTranshumanist from Illinois answered…3mos

Yes, in accordance to basic concepts native citizens are required to learn and understand

@B2QFKBWGreen from North Carolina answered…3mos

Yes, but they should be given education on the tested topics beforehand.

@9F8LFT5Veteran from California answered…2yrs

Military service, community service should be a means of citizenship as well

@9F8DCWPWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Make a citizen test that citizens can answer and then have the immigrants take that then they can become citizens.

@B2X7G24Democrat from North Carolina answered…3mos

There should be a basic test but it should be regulated and should not contain questions that a majority of United States citizens could not answer.

@B2D37L5Republican from Washington answered…4mos

@9ZNSQDWIndependent from Kansas answered…5mos

Instead of requiring just immigrants to pass a basic test to enter the country, force citizens to take the same basic test in order to vote.

@9ZM3Z6QSocialist from Georgia answered…5mos

No, since most citizens cannot pass a citizenship test, I believe the test should be remade or taken out altogether and find a different way to grant citizenship to immigrants

@9ZH9HRWRepublican from Illinois answered…5mos

@9ZDSWDXWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…6mos

No because half of the people born in the Us don't even know basic history on our country's language, history, and government.

@9ZD33FMVeteran from Georgia answered…6mos

No, but they should be taught a basic understanding of how to live in the US.

@9Z8V557Peace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…6mos

Yes, but it should be easy questions that everyone would be able to complete

@TYLER-PORTWOODLibertarian from Alaska answered…7mos

people should only take a moral/law test and have some way of communicating Spanish, Russian, English

@9Y964F5Libertarian from New Mexico answered…8mos

@9X7GQGJProgressive from South Carolina answered…9mos

Yes, as should all born citizens in order to be allowed to vote

@9X5V4THLibertarian from New York answered…9mos

@9X5B8DLWomen’s Equality from California answered…9mos

Yes, they should have a well understanding of their rights and process of America

@9WPMBNLPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…9mos

@9WL4LHZLibertarian from New York answered…10mos

@hellbvnnyVeteran from California answered…1yr

@9V2VZ7FIndependent from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes. However, it is ironic that there are citizens that would not pass a citizenship test.

@9TZT3WPGreen from Texas answered…1yr

I think all citizens should be required to take the test. Immigrated or born. However it should be offered in school as a standardized test.

@9TRZTYFWorking Family from Kansas answered…1yr

Most of our citizens couldn't pass. I don't think language should be a barrier. The top 30 or so languages should be catered to though, maybe 50. Our history should be minorly understood and government too. Means to obtaining citizenship should be amended though.

@9BMTT8YIndependent from New York answered…1yr

No, but it should test and gain understanding of there reasoning and motives for why they are immigrating to the United States

@9T5L346Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…1yr

@9SWWPNTWorking Family from Utah answered…1yr

@9SV4GCCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…1yr

Yes, but it should focus mainly on how the legal system applies to them to ensure that they understand the legal consequences of their actions

@9SPXWZSTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes and no because there isn’t a lot of citizens who would pass it .


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