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@B4N64VTSocialist from Kansas answered…3 days

@eelsSocialist from California answered…4 days

No, an individual citizen should be allowed to donate but Super PACs should be banned.

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Yes, politicians should not be bought by wealthy donors and all donations are public knowledge, but it would be even better if we publicly fund elections.

@B3YXH8XDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Yes, and political campaigns should be significantly limited in several ways, too.

@B3VKJ7FRepublican from Tennessee answered…2mos

@Yes_AntoonIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Yes, $500 a year and ban all PACs and corporations from donating

@B2T7BGQDemocrat from Utah answered…3mos

I don't have an opinion on this but I am not saying it is not important.

@B3NTP3FVeteran from North Carolina answered…2mos

Eliminate donations and put into one pot shared equally between candidates.

@B3ND7WDRepublican from Nevada answered…2mos

There should be an across the board cap on total donations received so all candidates have the same max amount of campaign funds.

@B3KN78LDemocrat from Iowa answered…2mos

No, but give every voter a voucher to support their candidates and outweigh the money of the wealthy.

@B3B3859Democrat from Colorado answered…3mos

Direct donations to candidates are already limited. The problem is Citizens United and earlier rulings which allow 'soft money' or 'dark money' to be used by corporate interests to influence elections.

@B37THS8Constitution from Colorado answered…3mos

Local and National News programs should be forced to ask the Candidates the same questions. Let them answer and then respond to what their opponent said.

@B2Z99TTConstitution from Florida answered…3mos

No foreign funds at all! And contributions should be held at $100,000.00 maximum individual or corporation. Pac's and other fund-raising groups should be checked for misconduct.

@B2VJDJTConstitution from Michigan answered…3mos

@B25LNGGTranshumanist from Texas answered…5mos

Should be higher, but yes there should be a cap on funding.

@9ZRT9ZLGreen from Tennessee answered…5mos

@9ZJ5WPSRepublican from Michigan answered…6mos

@6FWMD2XLibertarianfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

All current regulations hurt all alternatives to the Democratic and Republican Party candidates. The limits the D/R politicians impose on themselves are routinely violated by them, in fact; but are vigorously enforced against people like me. You really should look into this yourself.

@9HCP66LIndependent from California answered…2yrs

Elimination of corporate donations and a limitation to how much individuals may donate. Ban PAC'S.

@9YDXWM9Constitution from Mississippi answered…8mos

Temporarily as long as the most wealthy are mostly evil satanists

@9YTKQ2TReform from Montana answered…7mos

No, that should be illegal due to recent shady activity that was involved in the years.

@9Y2GLXFLibertarianfrom Pennsylvania  answered…8mos

No, but vastly limit the government's power across the board.

@9XNTBG8Veteranfrom Guam  answered…9mos

Yes, if federal funding is distributed to all voters who then allocate their share to their preferred candidate

@9X9H6NCRepublican from Idaho answered…9mos

@9PKK3T2Constitution from Indiana answered…2yrs

Depends on the donor and who they're donating to. Private donors should have no cap.

@9PBKDC6Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…2yrs

@9NZJRNZLibertarian from Alabama answered…2yrs

No, as long as the candidate does not know where the contribution is coming from

@9NSYY6RConstitution from Missouri answered…2yrs

No, but candidates should only be allowed to receive donations from people, companies, and groups that have a physical presence (residence, property, offices, ect.) in the area they would represent.

@9NDF9RVVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9NB6GWCWorking Family from Utah answered…2yrs

Yes, and all sources who donate more than $5K should be public knowledge.

@9N7Y3LZTranshumanist from Michigan answered…2yrs

Candidate should not be allowed to accept private donations above $200 per donation, and election campaigns must be overseen rigorously, with violations resulting in termination of rights to run for election or be appointed to office.

@9N36SH9Peace and Freedom from Colorado answered…2yrs

Yes, and super-pacs are unconstitutional corporations are not citizens

@9MYTCK5Progressive from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, people with less money should have equal ability to support their candate as those with more

@9MVW42MConstitution from Alabama answered…2yrs

No and all donations should NOT be public for the safety of the donators.

@9MTXPLSDemocrat from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes, and companies/businesses (for example, McDonalds) should be able to donate to politicians.

@BnneaseRepublican from Texas answered…2yrs

No this is free speech but they should make the information public.

@9LY6HCTWorking Family from California answered…2yrs

yes there should be a limit and get rid of all lobbyist money.

@9LL99LXPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, and I think the person receiving the donation should have to pay taxes on it.

@9LGCDDPRepublican from Oregon answered…2yrs

People should donate the amounts they want, not corporations though as there's a lot that'd be mobbing support for the Democratic candidate/s.

@9KB2K6VPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…2yrs

Yes, so as to keep the campaign fair. However, politicians can't pocket money. They can only receive money if it is for a political campaign.

@9K2NJFMLibertarian from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9K23DT8Libertarian from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, and political campaigns should be government funded, equally amongst all parties

@9JTF9STDemocrat from California answered…2yrs


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