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@9VG64GFThe Leftfrom Virginia  answered…12mos

No, but it should be affordable for everybody, only charge people a little to lessen the impact on the german government's wallet.

@9LLSB3NFree Democratic Partyfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

It should be greatly reduced. Online options should be available in as many degrees as possible (to reduce costs). Academically outstanding students, veterans, and children of families that are unsuccessful in activelly seeking for a job, should receive full scholarships.

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No, but tuition costs should decrease based on family income

@9XR5BCJFree Democratic Partyfrom Florida  answered…8mos

@9VMQLY4Independentfrom Guam  answered…11mos

No. But provide scholarships and grants to exceptionally talented students in their fields of choice.

@9TYGPFBMeretzfrom Missouri  answered…1yr

Yes, at trade schools and community colleges, but not at large public universities

@9TXTPVRModerate Partyfrom North Carolina  answered…1yr

Provide government help based on grades and usefulness of the desired degree

@9TFCNZ5Left Ecology Freedomfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1yr

There should be income based prices - free education benefits the wealthy most - keep costs affordable but it should not be free.

@9T97KGYNational Action Partyfrom California  answered…1yr

@9SX54SGRepublicanfrom Guam  answered…1yr

No, until a balanced budget and tuition fees should be decreased based by income

@9STR3VSBharatiya Janata Partyfrom California  answered…1yr

We should decrease the national deficit and then make it based on a system where tuition costs decrease based on family income, through the use of a voucher? And also we should privatize universities and make it run through a system of trusteeship as espoused by C. Rajaji and Mahatma Gandhi.

@9RWDQPHThe Liberalsfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1yr

@9RRPQ69Bharatiya Janata Partyfrom California  answered…1yr

No, I support school vouchers and fully privatising the education system into non profit entities.

@9QL9Q3WLabour Partyfrom Alabama  answered…2yrs

@9K6SYHYCambiemosfrom New York  answered…2yrs

International students should pay higher fees. University should be low cost and affordable, but not necessarily free.

@9JCHKXZChristian Democratic Unionfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

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