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@B4M3B8TTranshumanist from New York answered…3 days

@Daniel-Barton-Je…Libertarian from New York answered…2wks

@B4GL68NWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…2wks

Yes, but only for drugs that are illegal in that state. (Marijuana should not count)

@9PN7N6DWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…2yrs

Only if they have a past with drugs not including weed because it can be used medically. if they are addicted to a harmful drug then treatment should be provided for them to get off it and become a more active member of society

@9PLVXCMGreen from Georgia answered…2yrs

Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians But if weed is legal in that state that should not affect be tested for just more serious drugs

@9PK5NXHLibertarian from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes. Discontinue for anyone that tests positive. If they can prove they went to treatment and can pass a drug test they should be allowed to reapply.

@9PCLHRSRepublican from Washington D.C. answered…2yrs

@9PCCXCYSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

I mean I don't really know but if i think about it a little bit then i think so because some people could be buying drugs from welfare money.

@9PC7GGJRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9PC77M5Women’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

Test anyone receiving money from the government but LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.

@9P9SQY4Republican from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Yes, and offer treatment. If treatment is declined or not completed, terminate benefits. If treatment is accepted, allow benefits to continue. Continue to test regularly and follow same guideline.

@9P9JVS3Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Yes, outside of marijuana which should not be considered a harmful addictive drug

@9P8RPC2Democrat from Minnesota answered…2yrs

I Believe that they should but not for marijuana, only for hard drugs that actually affect the state of the persons mind and health.

@9P8HMQCVeteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

yes, if they test positive then terminate all benefits until they attend some form of rehab

@9P7RKWKPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians. Pause benefits and provide adequate treatment if testing positive.

@9P7MB78Working Family from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9P7BF84Working Family from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

now should they be tested? yes, but they should also not be shamed if they do drug. just don't give them a check, instead, help them out and send them to a rehabilitation center. most people that do drugs do them because they help them cope with feelings that have, some people just need to be showed that there are people out there that do care and want you do be healthy.

@9P77GM7Democrat from Florida answered…2yrs

The taxes from the 1% are more than enough to fund drug testing in this instance

@9P6FDXDSocialist from Florida answered…2yrs

Why are we being asked this stuff I have no idea what half of it means.

@9P63X6HPeace and Freedom from New York answered…2yrs

I dont have enough information on the this topic to state a opinion

@9P5GZNNPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…2yrs

Yes, and provide treatment for those who are positive as well as help the person's family.

@9P4X9VGVeteran from Michigan answered…2yrs

Yes but only test for illegal drugs emphasis on meth due to its serious long lasting effects on the community and individual.

@9P3YMTSTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9P3KJMBWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians and provide treatment for those testing positive or terminate their benefits or role as politician if they refuse

@9P3BF9GPeace and Freedom from Indiana answered…2yrs

yes but only so they know if rehabilitation is needed. No jail time or sentence.

@9P2J9FCWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Applicants should provide evidence of job searches and the benefit should not be indefinite.

@9NZZMDBDemocrat from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9NYRPR9American Solidarity from Indiana answered…2yrs

Yes. I think that treatment should be offered. Upon progress of treatment, increase funding. If there is relapse, decrease funding. Make the welfare contingent upon progress.

@9NXKZ3PLibertarian from Kansas answered…2yrs

Yes, they need rehabilitation and their kids need to eat so they should still get food stamps

@9NX8LYKDemocrat from New York answered…2yrs

No, it is a waste of time and money. Only if they have a history of abusing drugs

@9NWXQ5NGreen from California answered…2yrs

No, this is a violation of privacy and a waste of resources.

@9NV8D3BVeteran from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Yes. If they test positive, they must seek their own treatment to receive future benefits

@9NT32LXWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, only if they have a criminal history related to drug abuse, and if testing positive, treatment should be offered.

@matclawRepublican from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, it should be an option available to those who manage the welfare handouts. They should then be able to make judgement about getting treatment and continuation of benefits.

@9NSGKCRDemocrat from Illinois answered…2yrs

I don’t have enough information to form an educated opinion


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