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@9Z5XSL3Libertarianfrom Pennsylvania  answered…6mos

@9X5K4RNCommunist answered…9mos

I don’t want higher taxes but want higher spending which would cause taking from other causes

@9WP6VZYConservativefrom California  answered…9mos

Yes, but spend the money wisely and towards actual therapies for patients, rather than i.e. printing pamphlets and admin.

@9VHHLPGLiberalfrom Oregon  answered…12mos

Yes, while also allowing greater privatization in parallel with the public system

@9VCDMMCConservativefrom Georgia  answered…1yr

Yes spending should be increased to buy new equipment and R&D I have seen where we spend millions of dollars on making things pretty that truly adds nothing to the care. We really need to clean house and get rid of those running the organizations that do not offer value add. I don't agree with dummy down of our nursing team by not hiring RN's because you can hire a RPN cheaper, RPNs do not have the same qualifications as a RN, but those running hospitals are looking for cost savings on the backs of the care provided that's not right. Our hospitals should be state of the art facilities with state of the art people providing the care we need to get rid of the dead weight

@9SW5RGFLiberalfrom Texas  answered…1yr

they could if they wish it would matter not since not everybody is lucky for health care

@9S8WSP5Liberalfrom Georgia  answered…1yr

@Malika-TamakaIndependentfrom Guam  answered…1yr

Yes as long as all expenses are accounted for and ensure that corruption does not take place

@9R367F5New Democraticfrom Michigan  answered…1yr

Healthcare is a human right, not a corporate entity, and should not be treated as such. Industries that focus on a certain kind of infrastructure absolutely should never be privatized, that is what the government is for.


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