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No, the government should leave human space travel to private companies

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@4Z5RZ4Pfrom Vermont  answered…2yrs

I believe as a planet, humanity should come together to work on a very big and potentially expansive project, one not meant for colonization, but more so for exploration.
I believe a station should be built (looking much like the death star) that contains multiple habitats, buildings, etc. to house the human race and all known life forms on earth in its genetic and physical make-up, and we should go out, explore the many different planets to discover other intelligent life to learn what we can from them, to expand our own intelligence and understanding of the universe.

@95XDZH6 from North Carolina answered…35mins

I think both, is important for the government to be involved, but also the people.

@95X45DG from New York answered…4hrs

I think that we should focus on saving the Earth more right now, and leave space travel for the future when the planet is better off.

@95WQV9R from Washington answered…15hrs

If space travel becomes required or extremely mainstream, then perhaps, but if not, leave it to the private companies. Government shouldn't be butting into everything.

@95WLRVHIndependent from New Jersey answered…20hrs

Yes, but not to an extreme. Only for general understanding and educational purposes, not exploring options of escape.

@95VX84F from Iowa answered…1 day

Yes, but only if the research is focused on saving earth. Ban private space travel.

@842VWLKProgressive from Wisconsin answered…2 days

@6LD9R27Socialistfrom Massachusetts  answered…2 days

@95TNL3F from Iowa answered…2 days

It should be funded but not prioritized over funding things like fixing social and environmental issues.

@95T67XFfrom Maine  answered…3 days

Yes, but no money should be wasted on projects that harm society (i.g. military missions, missions with unscientific goals) and it should be invested in cleaning space waste and concrete projects instead (i.g. iss, another moon mission, mars mission)

@95STFZ6 from California answered…3 days

We should focus on helping our own planet first before doing any space travel.

@95SF7YD from Indiana answered…3 days

We should work on helping the earth first, and then work on leaving it.

@95S5QTDIndependent from New York answered…3 days

@95RSJWX from Oregon answered…4 days

@95RHKL7 from Massachusetts answered…4 days

Yes, but we should also be increasing our environmental efforts as well.

@95RHKKX from Delaware answered…4 days

Yes, but the way NASA acquisitions occur should be streamlined to be efficient instead of ensuring money is spread to as many states and corporations as possible.

@95RD87RDemocrat from Ohio answered…4 days

I think NASA can have funding AND we can focus on saving the Earth.

@95QZN9N from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

@95QTBN4 from Ohio answered…4 days

@95QN8B4 from South Carolina answered…4 days

Yes, but decrease the nasa budget. NASA is popular enough to fund themselves

@95QLCCC from California answered…4 days

I feel the government should fund part of it, not the whole thing. We, the race of mankind do need to focus on surviving and fixing the planet we live on, however we should also get a feel for what is out there in the stars

@95QHP8VSocialist from South Carolina answered…4 days

@95Q23XS from New Jersey answered…5 days

Yes, but decrease the budget to fund more research into environmental friendly sciences and renewable energy

@95PVGHY from California answered…5 days

If the station finds a reason as to why we should, and how this would benefit us, and if enough people or majority vote.

@95PPRSDProgressive from California answered…5 days

Yes, as long as it does not take away funding for other programs.

@95PMW35 from California answered…5 days

Yes, and increase the budget in a major way. On top of that, we need to prevent NASA infighting and be more open to progress and science.

@95P6HN4 from North Carolina answered…5 days

No,we should focus on saving the Earth instead of leaving it and also NASA has also admitted that it's space programs and travels have been a falsification for years.

@95NTV3R from Washington answered…6 days

They should keep the funding the same as it is now it isn't harming anyone

@95NS45Q from Oregon answered…6 days

Yes and no, the government should add a donation when its necessary and beneficial to them but leave the rest to private companies.

@95NQRPS from Connecticut answered…6 days

We do not need to overfund U.S. Government investment in Space Travel but we do have to keep up with China and Russia. Key defense systems will require a space presence.

@95NNNQKSocialist from North Carolina answered…6 days

No, we need to focus time and resources to saving our planet and exploring our oceans, not leaving it

@95NGF3J from North Carolina answered…6 days

@95N9ZFWIndependent from Oklahoma answered…6 days

I think we should focus on the problems of earth before thinking about space travel.

@95N8N5T from North Carolina answered…6 days

No, we should focus on saving the Earth and finding long-term solutions to pollution issues and exploring and saving the ocean.


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