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@6KJJKZHSocialistfrom Colorado  answered…1yr

We should pull out of the middle east and quit terrorizing them. We are the biggest terrorists in the world.

@BROOKLYN-CLONTZ from Kentucky commented…9mos

I 100% think that the U.S. should take refugees from Syria. I personally believe that in order to prove that we are the great nation so many people think we are, taking in these refugees should be a priority for us. We should use what we have been blessed with to bless others from less fortunate countries in the world. Some say that it us not our duty to be responsible for foreigners and that it's not our problem ;however, it should be. We should want to take in refugees, want to help these people, and want to take this small step in making our world better. If we live with the mindset of " I…  Read more

@6L7RDLVRepublicanfrom New York  answered…1yr

Israel opened its borders to jews after WW2 so in that sense I am open to accepting refugees. However because of BLM and other free for all groups, I feel like the US has become a battle ground within its own borders and at this point in time, we can not accept refugees until the US cleans up from within.

@6L79XLMLibertarianfrom North Carolina  answered…1yr

No, we should, instead set up a "save heaven" closer to Syria so that the refugees aren't a threat to our country, but are also safe

@6FK8SWLConstitutionfrom South Carolina  answered…1yr

Send all illegals and anchor babies, and refugees out of this country. They broke the law. The country is not stable now and no new citizens for 5 years.

@5YGDXF7Republicanfrom New York  answered…1yr

They need safety. We should take them and do the same thing that was done to the Japanese during WW2. We should give them all of the necessities of life including good living quarters (mobile homes would be good), medical care, education. For the ones who want to stay here there should be, along with background checks and continuous monitoring, the learning of our language and customs and the acceptance of both.

@9YNXQV4Veteran from California answered…3 days

Accept mainly families and continuously monitor single men entering the country

@9YMQLQJConstitution from Massachusetts answered…6 days

@9YLZCMJAmerican Solidarity from Arizona answered…1wk

Yes, but have background checks and make sure they are good to go.

@9YLTV2FConstitution from California answered…1wk

Yes, legally immigrating and improving the immigration system to handle more people

@9YLK28RConstitution from Texas answered…1wk

I don't really want to nor have a say in this specific topic.

@9YLF6T6Peace and Freedom from Iowa answered…1wk

we should have a time where we keep check on them but with out violate there rights.

@9YLCG5HConstitution from North Carolina answered…1wk

No, our country is already getting too full. We don't have much more space. We could relocate them to some other country where they would be safer.

@9YL3VC8Women’s Equality from Hawaii answered…1wk

@9YL3FLRConstitution from South Carolina answered…1wk

Based on the number of people entering at the border over the past year I don't think we should let anyone in until the border crisis is taking care of.

@9YKV743Libertarian from Indiana answered…1wk

Yes, but only a certain amount to ensure we don’t over populate, and make sure there is no weaponry or a background check

@9YK2MKWWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…2wks

Yes, but give a background check and what not to make sure they aren't bad people

@9YJXV33Republican from Oregon answered…2wks

Yes, but only accept families and only after extensive background checks with continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections.

@9YHSD72Green from Virginia answered…2wks

Yes, but we should work on sending money and resources to Syria and find solutions to help improve it.

@9YHRLDXRepublican from Virginia answered…2wks

I understand that life is hard in Syria but I feel if we shouldn't be responsible for another country's needs

@9YHPWTZRepublican from Ohio answered…2wks

We take refugees with the proper documents under laws of immigrants and air ways.

@9YHDBJZTranshumanist from Texas answered…2wks

We need to be picky. Accept families after extensive background checks and monitoring

@9YH3MWNWorking Family from New York answered…2wks

no but i think we should give them options to work for the military tho they could be useful but i wouldnt go letting one run around in big citites like ones in the u.s

@9YGZF7DWomen’s Equality from California answered…2wks

We should accept these refugees but only after they've been thoroughly inspected before entering the country to try and prevent and weapons from being brought into the country.

@9YGLPGFRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@9YFRLF6Libertarian from Arizona answered…2wks

Do what you will in your home, but building camps for refugees leads to class issues crime and the inability to integrate these people into the current social structure.

@9X88BSWConstitution from Colorado answered…2mos

Yes, but only if they are properly documented upon entering the U.S.

@9X86CVBPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…2mos

@9X6YQSLAmerican Solidarity from Ohio answered…2mos

They should have to apply for citizenship the normal way, but, get a free ride to America and be treated like a normal citizen.

@9X6Y4CJRepublican from Oregon answered…2mos

Yes, but we should only accept families unless someone is in need of iminenet political refuge

@9X6XGHYConstitution from Iowa answered…2mos

only if they need help if they don't need to come in the us they should be sent back.

@9X6LNHGConstitution from Michigan answered…2mos

@9X5ZPHXConstitution from Kentucky answered…2mos

They need to stay in Syria until they get a U.S citizen ship.

@9X5Y34WRepublican from Tennessee answered…2mos

Yes, but only after an extensive background check and making sure that they are fleeing for a justifiable reason, such as Christian Syrians fleeing from religious persecution.

@9X5WZPWConstitution from Minnesota answered…2mos

If they come into the country the proper way and have filed for citizenship

@9X5Q5MMWomen’s Equality from California answered…2mos

Yes and no. I like the idea of helping them out but I don't like the idea of them just coming here without any legal documentation.

@tutubeenConstitution from California answered…2mos

Yes, but limit the public funding that goes into supporting them.

@9X2VLNSConstitution from Texas answered…2mos

Overcrowding is a problem and the number of people walking freely over the southern border is terrifying and we don't have the space.

@9X2HTZ7Democrat from Ohio answered…2mos

to an extent, all refugees need background checks and go threw a short immigration system

@9X227DLWomen’s Equality from Nevada answered…2mos

Yes to give them a better life but no because it’s not fair that Syrians can freely come to America but Haitians are being attacked.

@9WTGQTQRepublican from California answered…2mos

No, all it will do is just create a migrant crisis and the replacement of American values

@9WSRCSFRepublican from North Carolina answered…2mos

@9WSG4R2Women’s Equality from California answered…2mos

Yes, but only after extensive background checks, maybe not continuous monitoring (too intrusive)


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