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No, increasing the capital gains tax will limit investment in our economy

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Yes with exceptions for the home you live in and retirement investments for middle class income earners.

@95RLF94 from Washington answered…4 days

@95RK83G from California answered…4 days

Yes, above a level that would affect the weathly, but not the middle class

@95RD5RY from Florida answered…4 days

Only on the top 15% of the wealthiest so low-income individuals can retire and make money from the stock market.

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Yes, but only on larger agents and agencies, individuals of middle class or lower should be unaffected.

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Depends on the income bracket of the investor, keeping it low or at zero for low income investors encourages investment in local business and increases the ability of businesses to employ more people.

@95LW6MM from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, and the stock market should be abolished and company stocks should be owned by their workers with payouts to encourage workers to become invested in caring for their workplace.

@95KRXZ7Independent from New York answered…1wk

Yes, but on large volume trades with over $100,000 in profit and for hedge funds et al. But lower it for retail investors to encourage individuals to invest

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No, but prevent corporations that receive subsidies and federal support from stock buybacks for a period.

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No, not until the government balances it's budget and learns to live within it's means.

@95B37Y8 from New York answered…2wks

business, investment and financial assets should get long term capital gains only after 10 year holding period. That should end at any tax payer with an 5 year average gross income above $5 million. Tax rates should be fixed at one rate and the exemptions raised to $25,000 per taxpayer and dependents.

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A capital gains tax coupled with income that is bracketized, create tax incentives for the middle and lower classes to invest

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@94RC5DV from Massachusetts answered…4wks

Yes, and make it a variable rate akin to the income tax rate so that the richest people pay the highest rate

@94N322L from Missouri answered…4wks

Yes on stocks, bonds, and real estate that is your primary residence should be exempt. Stocks and bonds purchased as part of a retirement plan should be exempt as well.

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they should all be taxes significantly higher than working income, this flattens the wealth gap a bit more


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