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Yes, the government should support more sustainable energy technologies

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No, wind power is an inferior alternative to oil, coal, and nuclear power

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@9462RVDIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

@94627WQ from New Mexico answered…1 day

@945NZQL from Tennessee answered…2 days

Government should provide funding for R&D and incentives to cities or local governments but end all tax subsidies to corporations

@945968G from Alabama answered…3 days

@9455W9Q from Texas answered…3 days

The government should incentivize the increase in technology but right now nuclear should be a big point to watch

@9452VJ8 from Texas answered…4 days

@944Y77Y from Texas answered…4 days

No, nationalize the energy industry and abolish private energy sectors

@944QQKN from Louisiana answered…5 days

Yes, but only to startups and small farms and only for a limited amount of time after which the program is ended and cannot be reinstated under any circumstances.

@944PMRZ from North Carolina answered…5 days

Yes, the government should subsidized the renewable energy sector until it becomes more established but all technology from the subsidizing should be public domain

@94482B6American Solidarity from Ohio answered…7 days

@9446422Libertarian from Michigan answered…7 days

Yes, the government should support more sustainable energy technologies including nuclear power.

@9443BS7 from Kentucky answered…1wk

No, nationalize the energy sector and invest in alternative energy technologies.

@94375C6 from Texas answered…1wk

@93ZSR8Y from Arkansas answered…2wks

Yes, when it is proven that this works better than other energy forms.

@52YRS68Green answered…2wks

No, wind cannot supply a base minimum of power for the entire country. Nuclear energy is just as clean, provides much more power, and has a much smaller land footprint.

@93Z87SFLibertarianfrom Guam  answered…2wks

Нет это должны решать штаты а не конгресс

@7T4ZZTM from Massachusetts answered…3wks

@93Y8XNR from Illinois answered…3wks

The government should focus on nuclear energy as a green energy source with renewals only being a supplement to a nuclear backbone

@93Y4NLVfrom Guam  answered…3wks

@93XJRYJfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3wks

No because the government should own the wind industry and power industry

@93XHXR7 from Ohio answered…3wks

Yes, but with an emphasis on reducing overall energy consumption as the most effective way to combat climate change.

@93WQ9Q6 from Maryland answered…3wks

No, wind power is not environmentally appealing/sound, both visually and its negative affects on wildlife etc.

@93W9TDQ from California answered…3wks

@93W38WB from Ohio answered…3wks

Yes, but only if the wind power location produces more than its cost

@8ZFCK4D from Texas answered…4wks

I think there should be some kind of punitive tax system for companies hurting the environment (like oil and coal), but ALL for-profit organizations should have tax loopholes closed.

@93VHPJD from Texas answered…4wks

Yes, only to to the same level of credits and subsidies given to all energy industries.

@93T3VXX from Oregon answered…1mo

too complicated to fit here... besides, u will never pay me what I am worth.

@93SY7D7 from California answered…1mo

@93SSQGV from Indiana answered…1mo

No, it should find ways to increase the number of nuclear power plants instead.

@93RYGBM from New York answered…1mo

@93RSYKK from Florida answered…1mo

@93RHVPW from Oregon answered…1mo

Yes, but more should be given to solar because wind farms take up lots of space that could be used for a variety of other useful things

@93RFYKS from California answered…1mo

The government should not be involved with energy production, only private companies.

@ratofthedumpster from Michigan answered…1mo

@93QGKV9 from Washington answered…1mo

Yes, however nuclear energy should get better subsides and tax credits as an incentive for nuclear energy production growth.


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