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Yes, it is a historical symbol of the Southern fight for states’ rights

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@4YCRRZYfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

@5DPVVN7from Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

Only the Stars and Stripes, State Flag, POW/MIA should be flown on U.S. soil. Not Confederate, Mexican, ISIS, or other country.

@4XQZWHCfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

I think that we should have been educated more about it growing up. I am 22 and I just now found out what the confederate flag was from clicking the learn more button. I think if we were educated more on history regarding subjects of race and battles that took place and one race overthrowing the other, then we could breakdown racial stigmas that are still in this world today. Nothing is wrong with stereotypes but when it determines the way one person treats another, that's when it's not okay. As for the flag, it shouldn't fly in public places. In your home or on your property that you pay

@4YK79BRfrom Idaho  answered…2yrs

I could care less... it's a stupid piece of cloth. PS bring the Dukes of Hazzard back.

@4XMWC8Hfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

They should be allowed to fly any flag they chose, but no state should chose to fly the Confederate flag, just like no state should display the Nazi swastika on state property.

@4XRL7NPfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Why on earth does anyone want to display such an elemental facet of murder, evil, human chatter, poisonous and discriminatory toward a race of people and an ongoing thorn of reminder and bad karma. No.

@963W6P9 from Ohio answered…25mins

Yes, the government should be given precedent to determine what flags can be flown

@963VQPV from South Carolina answered…1hr

No, but states should not fly any flag that is not the US flag or their state flag.

@9638WSR from Texas answered…15hrs

@963236J from Nevada answered…1 day

No, it is federal property and anything advertised there must be approved by the government first.

@962R2XN from California answered…1 day

if in a appropriate manner and not flown for the wrong reason as it is a part of history

@95ZHHQ5 from South Carolina answered…2 days

it shouldn't be illegal because that's unconstitutional due to the first amendment but I still strongly disagree with flying it at all and don't understand. Especially those from the North who have no connection to the confederacy

@95Z96Y8 from Florida answered…3 days

No, the Confederacy is not our nation. Private citizens can do as they please, but there should be the expectation of respect.

@95Z8VM5 from Nevada answered…3 days

@95YSLYF from Virginia answered…3 days

Yes, but only within historical context and it should not be displayed in a position of prominence my where active government business is conducted (courthouse lawns, courtroom, legislature chambers, capitol buildings, etc.)

@95YRGP2from Virgin Islands  answered…3 days

It should not be allowed on government property but should be allowed on private property.

@95YKZPK from Oklahoma answered…3 days

At Civil War battlefields (especially to mark positions), absolutely. It is a part of the history of that place. There is too much nuance to the issue to make a blanket yes or no.

@95Y5SSG from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

States of the Union should not fly any color other than legitimate flags of their territory; e.g. the flag of the United States, their individual state flags, etc.

@95Y393JLibertarian from Florida answered…4 days

@95XXTY6Republican from Maine answered…4 days

Unfortunately, I do believe that a government can do this. I do not condone this act whatsoever and it will not be accepted well, a government can display this flag if it desires.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…4 days

Generally speaking, no. In case someone hasn't heard, the Confederacy lost the war, and for good reason too! But if is part of an actual historical presentation it should be alright. Example: six flags over Texas.

@95XSVHZIndependent from Texas answered…4 days

Government properties should not be allowed to fly any flag of an organization or political entity that is not sovereign.

@95XL3K4 from Illinois answered…4 days

Yes, if you want to hang it up, you can because freedom of speech.

@95WSDDX from Illinois answered…5 days

It should be the prerogative of private citizens to display the flag. States should only fly the state and federal colors.

@95WRNKJ from Colorado answered…5 days

@95WM3L8 from California answered…5 days

The government shouldn’t ban it, but the people should be allowed to decide that’s it’s in poor taste

 Deleted answered…6 days

No, it should be put in a museum as a reminder of our history and not flown ever again.

@95S7SWN from Minnesota answered…1wk

Yes because everybody should be able to believe in what they want and be able to show what they believe.

@95RM6J6 from Washington answered…1wk

No, unless it is in a museum. The Confederate flag is a symbol of racism, separatism and treason.

@95R4PS4 from California answered…1wk

i feel as if you should have the choice to or not considering if i were to want to hang my american or trump flag and someone said i couldnt id be mad.

@95PH985 from Florida answered…1wk

No, it is a symbol of treason but they should be displayed or used for historical education purposes

@95PDPS4Independent from Tennessee answered…1wk

If someone wants to fly a racist or hateful flag they have the right to do so. Just expect backlash.

@95NTV3R from Washington answered…1wk

yes and no the confederate flag does have many bad things towards it but it is also a piece of history of how America was made to what it is now

@95NSCWV from Michigan answered…1wk

No, the flag to some means southern pride, but to me, it seems as more of an anti American thing.


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